“Immortal regiment” in the Czech Republic is a worthy response to the distortion of history

Victory Day in Prague will March “Immortal regiment”. “It is necessary to recall the true facts relating to the Second world war and, above all, its completion, and the celebration of Victory Day and the liberation of Europe from Nazism,” — said in an interview with Sputnik, Chairman of the society “Czech peace forum” Vladimir Vitova.

— Sputnik: the Eighth of may in Prague for the second time there will pass the action “Immortal regiment”. How many participants do you expect?

— Vladimir Vitova: In the past year participated, according to official data of the Police of the Czech Republic, about a thousand people. The event was attended by direct participants in the fighting, which, however, given their venerable age, has serious health problems. Therefore, the event is partly adapted to them.

There will be two parts of the action, and perhaps their membership will be somewhat different. But if you calculate all the participants, I hope, the total number will reach two thousand.

— This action was born in Russia, became a symbol of pride for the veterans who fought so we could live quietly and in peace. Why do You think “Immortal regiment” attracts and Czechs?

— I would like to remind that the action “Immortal regiment” was held in may, 2012 in Siberian city Tomsk. Local residents decided in a very interesting way to pay tribute to the victims of the Second world war. Then the procession was attended by six thousand citizens, who were carrying two thousand portraits of their ancestors who fought against the Nazis.

Thus was born a completely spontaneous movement that quickly spread not only in Russia but also abroad. There is even web page of “Immortal regiment”, where you can register and tell the story of your ancestor. It has already made hundreds of people.

The publication “Prague Telegraph” for several years published the history of people who fought against fascism, and therefore it has established contact with the above-mentioned civil movement “Immortal regiment”, and last year became one of the organizers of this event in the Czech Republic.

The main aim of the project is to publicly honor the memory of soldiers of all allied armies who fought on the fronts of the Second world war in the name of the liberation of Europe from Nazism. Also the goal is to pay tribute to ancestors who helped the armies of osvoboditelyam in the rear, as well as all prisoners deported to forced labor and all the innocent victims. But, more importantly, the “Immortal regiment” is aimed at preserving the society and families, and the personal memory of the generation that saved the world from Nazism.

Given the current global threat in terms of security situation, many Czechs regard their participation as a symbolic expression of their civil position, that is, the expression of a rejection of war in General.

— What is the meaning of “Immortal regiment” has for you personally?

— It is known that in 1989 included an incredible effort to change the official history of our country so that it is consistent with the views of certain ruling circles and their interests, which lie in the manipulation of society as such. This trend is evident in all public media both mainstream and, more importantly, in schools. Misconceptions about our history is based on blatant propaganda, which for the past twenty years, day after day continuously and systematically disseminates outright lies.

The most egregious example: last year on channel ČT leading, without batting an eye and, of course, without apologizing, said that the Second world war began, the Soviet Union.

Our Association “Czech peace forum” feels responsible for the promotion of undistorted history. Therefore, it is necessary to recall the true facts relating to the Second world war and, above all, its completion, and the celebration of Victory Day and the liberation of Europe from Nazism.

Are you afraid of anti-Russian provocations of opponents?

— We assume that, perhaps some protests, as always, is organizing a non-governmental organization to carry out their “duties” for which she gets paid.