Uber raised tariffs in Ukraine

The taxi service Uber drivers have raised tariffs and introduced per-minute billing in all Ukrainian cities except Kyiv. The new prices came into effect on Friday, June 9. The company is everywhere motivated by the increased cost that this would “attract more drivers to the platform.”

The most serious rise has touched the city. The city raised the cost of filing a car in four times — from 4 to 16 UAH, introduced the highest per-minute fee — 1 UAH/min, and increased the minimum fare to RS 30.

In Odessa, the rates increased slightly less: supply from 5 to 14 UAH, introduced the per-minute rate of 1 UAH/min, and raised the flow rate up to 30 UAH. In Kharkov, the tariffs have not changed, except for entering per-minute billing — 0.3 UAH/min.

In the river in comparison with the prices at the time of start up fees.