Ukraine is waiting for three important reforms – danyluk

The state budget of Ukraine for 2017 involves an important step for the state reform. This was stated by Finance Minister Alexander danyluk.

“The budget for 2017 was a budget reform”, – said danyluk.

He recalled that in the first place, the reform will affect healthcare, education and social services.


The Ministry of Finance, according to danyluk, together with the Ministry of health has developed a new model of financing of medical institutions, which provides that the money “follow the patient”.

“This means that we will not Fund the public funds, just space – we will Finance the services that citizens receive, and the specific results from these services”, – said danyluk.

According to him, also will increase the autonomy of health facilities. In addition, the first 100% was covered need drugs to seriously ill patients. “It concerns patients with cancer, HIV and diabetes, hepatitis and other serious diseases,” said the Minister.

Total spending on health care in 2017 rose by 19.1 billion UAH. 500 million UAH are allocated for compensation of the cost of drugs.


“We have increased funding secondary and professional education, increased autonomy of universities, increased the effectiveness of scholarships, dividing them into academic, motivating to study, and social aid to needy students,” he reported danyluk.

The total scholarship Fund, according to danyluk, increased by 10%.

“Raised teachers’ salaries, increased the total expenditure on education 45 billion UAH”, – said the Minister.

Social services

The biggest change in the social sphere, according to danyluk, was the increase in the minimum wage in two times – up to 3 200 UAH.

“Last year, less than 3 200 UAH received more than 3.5 million people. The initiative of the government was to raise the minimum wage, the role of the Ministry of Finance to find resources. When we counted resource, we also took into account the element of shadowing. Now we see statistics of income – I want to assure you that everything we planned is now being implemented,” – said danyluk.

We will remind, earlier the National Bank of Ukraine (NBU) has recognized that a.the ensuring of the minimum wage accelerate inflation in Ukraine. In addition, due to the increase of the minimal wage, according to Bank, without a job will be 630 thousand people.