Hidden hatches audit: the details of the choice

In this regard, the construction market is filled with various new materials and designs that help to make our home cozy and comfortable.

For easy operation in a modern housing repairs use hidden revision openings. Renovation dictates the number of unwritten standards that must be met for the results and finishing works. As a rule, all utilities should be hidden, and in rooms with high humidity (bathrooms, boiler houses, laundries, swimming pools) is a necessary technical condition.

How to choose the auditing hatch?

First, we need to determine the surface where you will install the design.

Ceiling inspection glasses should have a lightweight frame that weight is comparable to the plasterboard lining on the area of such opening and the least stands out of the ceiling. It is also important to complement the ceiling hatches very high quality hardware (locks and safety chains) to hatch consistent with safety of operation.

If the hatch you must select under oblsovety material – its design must be massive to withstand the required load and long use. Loop products are designed in such a way that when opened prevents chipping of the facing material. Also, it should not prevent sagging or distortion of the door. The door itself should be freely opened and closed regardless of the thickness of the cladding material. You must also remember that in high humidity areas it is necessary to ensure that the construction material had a high corrosion resistance. That is why a steel frame is painted with powder paint – as the most water-resistant coating.

Revision openings masked by painting, roller (Wallpaper), and various cladding (tiles, mosaic, etc.) materials. Whatever Luke – its design should allow to decorate the sash in accordance with the interior, is one of its main functions.

The appearance of hatches invisible was truly a breakthrough in the field of finishing works, and now they can be used to provide access to the technological gap of any size, very high quality and style it in the interior.