What will the aging of the population of Ukraine: the expert said that waiting for the pension system

One of the problems of the pension system of any developed country – the aging of the population. Thus, the number of elderly is increasing, while the birth rate is falling. Complicated demographic situation emerged in Ukraine. Already, 10 employees, must contain 11 pensioners. Says senior researcher of the Institute of demography and social studies Lydia Tkachenko, over time, the situation will only get worse.

“Definitely will increase the burden on the pension system, will increase the proportion of older people in the population, and the ratio between the number of people of retirement and working age. But apart from purely demographic indicators, it is necessary to take into account that are changing age thresholds. Clearly, that stretches the period of childhood, up to 20, as a rule, people do not start to work. Mostly they are studying in schools, colleges – where someone. With higher education – even after 22 starts to seriously look for a job. And we still have the transition to 12-year school, for example. At the same time, we can clearly say that the number of people over the next 50 years will reach retirement age (if he stays at 60 years) will grow”, – says the expert.

The current proportion of people aged 60 years and older – the so-called aging-level – 22%. In 2050, there will be 34%. That is, more than a third of the population will be over 60 years old. “If we take the ratio between payers and retirees, it turns out that we now have about 11 seniors for 10 payers and in 2050, the year, if fundamentally nothing will change in insurance coverage, will have 15 retirees of 10 taxpayers”, – the expert predicts.