“Guardians Of The Galaxy. Part 2” movie: a brilliant pranksters infiltrated the tightly controlled Empire Marvel

Sometimes you have to rewind back a little, to penetrate the essence of things. In this case, for example, to the legendary film company Troma in new York, which in the eighties and nineties has declared itself with its unusual, extremely cheap to produce comedies of horrors. In which, for example, the janitor fell into a barrel of toxic waste and mutated into a creepy disfigured vigilante (“the Toxic avenger”); or Lemmy from the band Motorhead was the VoiceOver narrator of the film version of the Shakespeare play, in which Romeo and Juliet are Horny, prone to incest brother and sister (“tromeo and Juliet”).

From this wretched world, where saving every dollar, and every rubber suit is used three times, in fact, there is no direct road to the heart of the concern of Marvel, which over the past few years, the buzzing of the richest and most powerful machine of filmmaking of our time. Meanwhile, much speaks for the fact that the cunning founder of Troma Lloyd Kaufman (Lloyd Kaufman) is successfully dispatched to a dual agent. His name is Gunn, James Gunn (James Gunn). James Gunn, according to some sources, in his youth was a writer in the company Troma and the right hand of Lloyd Kaufman.

Then he went to Hollywood, where he attracted the attention of such films as the horror film about slugs “Slug” (“Slither”), and eventually got the offer from Marvel to do something with the “Guardians of the Galaxy”, this is an almost unknown team of superheroes for Marvel. Gunn agreed and probably a little consultation with his spy chief, expressed his first insane requirement that all “Guardians” are doing on the screen should musically be accompanied by the well-known motifs Feelgood song from the 70’s, and best of all even the song of a long forgotten One-Hit-Wondern.

The seriousness of action movies now will pull the plug

It could be perceived as sabotage, as the subversive activities of the company Troma. But in circumstances that are not amenable to reconstruction, bosses, Marvel made no objection, and so, in 2014, “Guardians of the Galaxy. Part 1” came out in the movie in which the leading role played ancient player and a mix of musical fragments for 70 years, and these songs actually dominated over all. Each scene gave the impression as if James Gunn was filming her with a wide grin.

To what happened then, no one was really ready: the audience fell in love with not just a motley team of “Guardians”, which are also actively involved cynical raccoon and a tree with very limited vocabulary, first of all, they loved the idea that space battles are now accompanied by the music of groups such as Suede or Runaways. The soundtrack went platinum, and the movie is blockbuster, and with this success, the world of “Guardians” was one of those movie-habitats, where it really is still possible delightful extravagance.

James Gunn, the agent and the inspiration to fully enjoy its sequel. There was a second collection of music from the 70’s, even more wild than the first. The entire initial fragment of a new film, for example, consists only of what is heard “Mr. Blue Sky” unabridged performed by Electric Light Orchestra and dance. Although even is space combat with some monster James Gunn makes it clear that this battle, in fact, no longer worthy of attention — the reason is unimportant, the outcome is still clear, the seriousness of action films thus will be blocked by the oxygen that really recalls the best days of the company Troma. Dancer in the foreground — only in order to convey all the crazy Baby Groot, shaking ass cub wood with large black spherical eyes.

Who defeated whom, who again saves the galaxy, when the next full special effects space battle? It’s all here, rather, it doesn’t matter. Instead, when approaching beautiful planet psychedelic hippie song George Harrison (George Harrison) My Sweet Lord, and then it’s time very busy and a long conversation about family and relationships.

Because “Guardians”, who in the first part merged into the five became a family of outcasts and the crippled. There possessed weapons of Rocket raccoon who escaped from a genetic lab, the green Gamora, a deadly strongest warrior of the galaxy, trained his evil stepfather; Drax the Destroyer, wife and child were killed, and treasure hunter Peter quill, half human, half God, who does not know anything about his heavenly father and forever fixated on the music of his early died mother — hence the music. Groot, a talking tree, while the last adventure was forced to take one for the team — survived in the truest sense of the word, one sprout which is growing now.

Team family opposed the parental household with their injuries. Father-God (Kurt Russell) appears and makes his son Peter to know himself. Gamora needs to end the eternal war against his selfish sister Nebula, the alleged villains are the real family men, and they are all touching care for a baby tree. What, with all the madness in the end, gives direction to the future: the blockbuster, which finally abandoned the fetish of computer battles, will again have a space for humor, Subversion, and even feelings.