Subsidies in Ukraine will issue in a new way: as ismainly system

From the first of may will come into force new regulations for heating. If the subsidy covers 5.5 cubic meter of gas per square meter, in the next heating season, the discount will be credited only to five cubic meters of blue fuel. Suppose a family in a house of 70 square meters last winter could burn 385 cubes. In October of this year on the same area will allocate 350 cubes, if spend as much for 35 cubic meters will have to pay without subsidies. At the moment this volume of gas is 240 USD. In the apartment of the same size, with Central heating, the subsidy will cover only 3 instead of 3.8 Gcal of heat. If you do not reduce consumption, 0,8 Gcal will have to pay without subsidies. In Kiev, this amount of heat would cost 1133,5 hryvnia. The website “Today” reviewed the decision of the Cabinet on 26 April and found that changes in the system of calculating subsidies.

The Cabinet reviewed the duration of the heating season. The Ukrainians, who use the Central heating, will receive subsidies for heat after the decision of local authorities about the start of the heating season. But those who self-heats a house or apartment, the heating season reduced to one month. If earlier the subsidy was accrued from October 1 to April 30, this year discount will accrue from October 15 to April 15. If you start flushing early – used for heating cubic meters of gas or kWh of electricity will have to pay.

There is good news. Subsidy for heating is assigned to a certain area. For example, if the person lives alone, the government will give a discount on heating only 49 square meters, the rest had to pay full price. This standard, the government reviewed for the disabled. The Ministry of social policy often came appeals from single pensioners who live by themselves in apartments with area of 50 squares. Even with the meager pensions for heating of the apartment they had to pay themselves. In the next heating season for the disabled the maximum area of a house or apartment increased from 49 to 75 square meters per person.

Overpayment for water, gas and electricity (if they are not used for heating) is transferred to the next month, but the lion’s share of the overpayment for the heating simply write off. According to the decree of the Cabinet of Ministers, before the first of September subsidianes who are saved, will pay a sum equivalent to 100 cubic meters of gas and 150 kWh of light (if the house is heated with electricity).

For example, if the family put 385 cubic meters of gas for heating, burned 300 cubic meters of gas during the heating season you can save blue fuel for about 4,000 hryvnia. 690 hryvnias will give them, and the rest will return to the state budget. .

For Ukrainians with electric boiler and a large overpayment relies monetization 150 kWh of electricity. At the current rate it’s only 174 of the hryvnia. “This is the first step of monetization [of the subsidies],” said at the government meeting on 26 April, Vice-Prime Minister Pavlo Rozenko.