Lutsenko explained the scheme as Yanukovych withdraw money from Ukraine

Prosecutor General Yury Lutsenko said that the criminal group of ex-President Viktor Yanukovych banked the money abroad with the help of hundreds of offshore companies. he told about it at a briefing, transfers TV channel NewsOne.

According to him, derived from Ukraine’s money back and turned into securities.

“The funds were taken out of Ukraine through a number of offshore jurisdictions that have entered the so-called “global sink” and eventually pop up or in Cyprus, or in most cases in Latvia. From there, the funds went to Ukraine and uncontested only these firms bought specifically released to address these same members of the criminal organization government bonds with eight percent per annum in foreign currency”, – said Lutsenko.

He noted that such a scheme became possible with the help of about 500 offshore companies, after which Yanukovych supporters bought government securities with high returns.

Also Lutsenko have been told that the entourage of former President Viktor Yanukovych kept the stolen state funds for one hundred accounts.

As it became known today, the court of last resort allowed to take arrested $ 1.5 billionthat belonged to the entourage of Viktor Yanukovych and to return them to the budget. Now the authorities plan to spend the money for the needs of Ukraine, primarily on the defense industry.