What happens if you pour vinegar into the toilet tank: a surprising result

Buying care products for a clean house does not always live up to expectations. It is therefore useful to know what alternatives can achieve the best results.

The website AdMe.ru offers a simple but effective method that will help to make the restroom a room in your home cleaner and safer.

What to do

  • To clean external dirt and disinfect the toilet bowl with vinegar, you will need:
  • A glass table 9% vinegar
  • Baking soda or a solution of iodine

The use of soda (enhanced effect):

The glass is heated to 40 °C mix vinegar with baking soda (iodine). 200 grams of vinegar, you will need 1 tablespoon of baking soda, if you use iodine a 1:1 ratio. The resulting mixture pour into the toilet tank for a few hours. This is best done in the evening, so that the solution remained in the clean object for the whole night. To secure the result you can repeat the procedure several times.

Without soda:

Detach the reservoir from the water and secure the tap. Wipe with a dry cloth the internal surface of the Cup and apply liberally vinegar soaked cloth to the area with pollution. After 2-6 hours, the plaque can clean off with a scraper (not metal).

Making vinegar

  • Dissolves limescale
  • Cleans metal parts from rust
  • Steaming himself, the vinegar destroys odors
  • Dissolves urinary stone
  • Kills bacteria Shigella (the causative agent of dysentery) and Escherichia coli