“Ukraine behaves with the Donbass like Hitler Leningrad”

If Donbass is connected to the Russian power system is already a fact of the energy and technological integration of Donbass with Russia. It can last indefinitely, but will never lead to a legal integration. That is, to the legal incorporation of Donbass into Russia. And in fact Yes, it will continue, of course. As soon as Ukraine is technologically, financially, infrastructurally, logistics is separated from the Donbas, respectively, the Holy place is never empty. Occupied areas are integrated into Russia. This is a clear process.

Of course, pay for this the Russian people, who else? I don’t know how the Donbass broken, poorly versed in technology. How, for example, the mine flooded or not, equipment and so on… But it is obvious that the economy of Donbass is in pretty bad shape. Well it’s obvious. It is also clear that to restore the Donbass, no one will. It’s very expensive and absolutely does not need Russia.

In the Rostov region in Russia, too, there are mines and those minimal supplies of coal that was until 2013, the year from Donbas to Russia — they probably will recover. And most of Russia simply do not need. Why do they need this coal? Therefore, full recovery, of course, will not. It is uneconomical, the government in this to invest will not. Russia has enough worries without the Donbass. Business in to invest the more will not be. The question of ownership is unclear who it belongs to… What fool would invest money in it?

Therefore, the restoration industry working they do not Shine, but the basic functions of housing, of course, recover. People to live well as it is necessary. Light, water, food — all Russia, as I understand it, has long been doing. But such a life as they had before the 2013th year, of course in such a situation is not, obviously. But the siege of Leningrad they also no one will not hold.


The share of expenses of ordinary Russians on this story in the Donbass — is negligible. It is an absolute dime. This time.

Secondly, people did not think, because the TV they don’t explain it. And to think for themselves is difficult.

People think about their business, not about the Donbas. TV tells all of them that Ukraine behaves with the Donbass like Hitler Leningrad. That people are dying of hunger there, and we have them to die will not give. But at whose expense and how much you have to pay — this TV does not speak.

Therefore, the attitude of citizens of Russia to the Donbass… no enthusiasm, and desire to take their part of Russia too. What do you mean? The Russians in the war not leaving. All these words are pronounced, but without any enthusiasm. It was over two years ago.

And some costs money — it does not bother anyone, too much money we spend on the most basic theft to even think how much we spend on Donbass and Syria. The scale of the Russian budget is pennies.