How to properly care for your skin at home: tips beautician

The skin condition it is important to mount correctly, making the necessary procedures and using effective means. This will help you a little longer to use the “means at hand” and not run for help to a plastic surgeon, reports

To properly care for your skin even at home, if working mothers or busy women with no time to visit a beautician, says beautician-aesthetics, expert in home care Love Nazarenko.

According to her, skin care face, neck and décolleté in the home occurs in several stages.


Before washing, if your skin is lacking freshness and the face tired, I recommend contrasting compresses – warm, then cool, warm again, cool again. This way you prepare the skin, it becomes more elastic.

For this procedure, you must use clean towels, specially allocated for this. Cleansing must be performed correctly-chosen cleanser.

“I prefer cleansers that strengthen the microvascular bed, have a pronounced effect of lymphatic drainage, thereby helping to get rid of puffiness and perfectly preparing the skin for subsequent stages,” – said the expert.

During cleansing, do not forget about such areas as: nose, lips, around the ears and the ears themselves (this is also the part of your face), neck, decollete.


Using a tonic after cleansing stage, which many ignore, yet it is toner restores ph of the skin, removes the remains of cleanser and prepares the skin for the application of creams.

The next step is applying the eye cream — morning and evening (1-2 hours before sleep). Well, if your eye cream also contains sosudoukreplyayuschee ingredients. For young skin perfect cream for eye contours.

The use of serum

Many believe that whey should be used only on special occasions. In fact, they need to use every day. It is more active by its composition, is able to solve a number of aesthetic issues. I treat whey as a special “treat” for your skin and so be sure to spoil her this remedy daily. Before applying the serum to prepare the skin with light tweaks along the massage lines, thereby improving its efficiency and depth of penetration.

The final stage home care — applying face cream according to skin type and its condition


Separately and it is especially necessary to pay attention to the use of peeling — this step is required 1-2 times a week. Options peel there are different, individual picks it up.

“In the office and in home care for yourself as well as in the selection of peels for its clients, I prefer bacterial enzyme peels, suitable even for sensitive skin”, says beautician.

If you want to get the maximum effect at home, after the step of peeling great to put a mask according to skin type.

“I like masks, which you can not rinse, and even leave a thin layer overnight. If your home care should be carefully chosen and tailored to your needs, it certainly would be a fun 365 days a year, morning and evening,” said Nazarenko.