Pandas are cuter than human rights

In Finland come the pandas!

They are so cute!

And they are vegans!

However, pandas may eat deer and musk deer can be quite aggressive, but because they are so cute! Don’t tell nothing more about these little fawns!

China has promised to give us two pandas! However, they will live against his will in the conclusion of the ähtäri zoo. But Hey, after all, pandas are so cute and actually don’t eat fawns, is a complete lie, they are joyful vegans, which is almost not leave a carbon footprint!

Panda! They’re so cute!


Innocent pandas living in prison — of course, this conclusion helps endangered pandas to survive — very funny allegory on China and the visit of the President of the country to Finland. In a press release from the office of the President of Finland pandas are mentioned eight (8!) time. Human rights and the rule of law — just one (1!) time.

And here’s another quote from the press release: “Both sides believe that free international trade is beneficial to society and contributes to its well-being.”

Of course, benefits society and contributes to its prosperity. God with them, with these journalists and oppositionists, who are being held in Chinese prisons and tortured. After all, the Finns will continue to buy in Chinese online shopping fans with neon lights for your mobile.

But we have international trade and welfare.

According to the report of the organization for the protection of human rights Human Rights Watch, the current leadership of China violates human rights more than ever before in the history of the country. Looking to visit to Sauli Niinisto (Sauli Niinistö), XI Jinping (Xi Jingping) is President in 2012.

Duty Professor, in this case — Professor of politics of East Asia Paltemaa Lauri (Lauri Paltemaa) from the University of Turku, has already been praised Finland for her courage: in the joint Declaration, consisting of 17 items has been proposed, which States that “the parties stressed the importance of respecting the rule of law and human rights.”

Wow! See item 14!


With freedom of speech and democracy at the moment things are tight. In the United States, Russia, Poland, Turkey and many other countries leaders openly lying to its people and media. In Finland, Ministers of government parties also accused the media of publishing fake news, what to “public sources” mistrust comes from.

The flag of Tibet is oppressed by China, was removed away from the eyes of China’s leader from the streets of Helsinki.

From the official part of visit of the President of China breathed the musty time, Finland 1970s, concluded a Treaty on friendship, cooperation and mutual assistance with the Soviet Union. Then, in the same ringing silence greeted the decrepit and paranoid leaders of the Soviet Union — the best friends of the party “center of Finland” (Suomen Keskusta).

The events of April 5 can not be explained by the fact that the office of the President of Finland has no experience of cooperation with China. The head of the press division of the office of Katri Makkonen (Makkonen Katri) previously worked as a correspondent for the Finnish broadcasting company Yle in China, and special assistant Pete Pokkinen (Pete Pokkinen) some time held the post of head of Department press and public relations of Chinese companies for the production of mobile phones.

And a couple of words after all that grumbling.

Need to do something more serious. Finland, as the President Sauli Niinistö, has to take important steps. It should not be vague statements, and actions, which regards to remember after 30 years.

Possible meeting of Russian President Vladimir Putin and U.S. President Donald trump (Donald Trump) in Finland, the recent meeting between Niinistö and Putin is quite an unexpected meeting with the leader of China, the most important country in the world at the moment — just before his visit to the United States, the second largest country in the world.

Any duty of associate Professor should provide a more complete assessment of these meetings.

Yes, Finland’s cooperation difficulties in the economy, and prosperous China in the field of trade is very important.

But democracy and human rights should be given due attention.

So sorry, Panda!

Finland will receive as a gift from China’s two cute fawns the defenders that tell the Finnish people about the benefits and importance of a vegan diet.

This gift will cost Finland about a million euros annually. But Hey! It’s better Panda than human rights.