Prices for dental treatment in Kiev. Tips that are useful to know for everyone!

Dental problems common to almost every person regardless of social status or financial level. For this reason, from time to time on the agenda of every inhabitant of the capital, the question arises where to find affordable and professional dentistry in Kyiv. Today, almost every professional dental center can offer their patients quality services using the latest equipment and consumables, however the prices for dentistry in Kiev can be quite variable (depending on the location of treatment teeth). Choose a dental clinic in the capital, which offers the most optimal combination of quality and price of their services, please visit

 Prices for services in dental clinics of Kiev

  • Advice in dentists in Kiev: prices – from UAH 0 to UAH 450 (many clinics offer free advice, if followed by treatment in dentistry, in other cases you will need to pay for the tray of tools and, if necessary, for x-rays).
  • Fillings: prices from 200 UAH 1200 UAH (some dentistry Kiev indicate only the cost of the seal is the price without an x-ray, tool, consultations, anesthesia and additional procedures. Always ask what is included and what are the mandatory procedures needed in the treatment).
  • Teeth whitening PhotoLight: prices from 850 UAH to 4000 UAH (please note, in order to attract customers, the dental clinic to go trick and point in price the cost of whitening teeth in only one jaw, when most patients bleach always two jaws).
  • Panoramic image of teeth: prices from – from 95 UAH to 500 UAH (the price depends on equipment and level of dentistry in the price category, but do not forget to view the action. For example, dental MED-DEO is conducting a promotion, with website “101 Dentist” the price of a panoramic image of teeth – 95 UAH and 3D computed tomography of teeth on the action – 390 UAH).
  • The removal of the tooth: the prices range from 190 UAH to 1400 UAH (the cost of tooth extraction depends on the complexity, the simple removal of one root or milk the tooth will cost cheaper, but the removal of complex wisdom teeth will cost more, also a price point only dentistry tooth extraction, without anesthesia, instruments and x-rays, if necessary).
  • Tip – be careful before you make an appointment, you should call the dentist and ask about the cost of services such as: consultation in dentistry free or paid, what is included in the consultation, what additional costs and services may arise.

    About the importance of taking a preventive dental examination

    Professional dentists recommend to their patients to undergo preventive examination at least 2 times a year. Through this examination, the medical professional will be able visually or with the aid of diagnostics to perform the sensing of the external appearance and internal condition of teeth and gums. In case of detection of any abnormalities, the doctor will perform a consultation and give recommendations for their elimination. Identifying diseases of the teeth and gums in the early stages will help to protect healthy teeth, but also to minimize the expenses on treatments. Don’t be fooled , putting off going to the doctor with the help of painkillers – it will save you from the horrible tooth pain only for some time. However, the condition of the teeth will only deteriorate more and more, which may later lead to their removal.

    How to choose affordable dentist in Kiev?

    If you are searching for quality dental center for you plays a decisive role, the price of dental services in Kiev, for the selection of optimal proposals on the cost and quality of services you can always use the capital’s largest dental portal “101 Dentist”.

    Thus, the user can access convenient search on the site, which allows you to sort services according to the following parameters:

    • Choice of dental services at the direction of (consultation, whitening, implant, hygiene cleaning, installation of braces and veneers, panoramic image, etc.).
    • The choice of the dental clinic location.
    • Choice dental clinic in Kiev on the price of the service.

    Pay attention to promotional offers from dental clinics – this will help you save up to 30% of the funds. Moreover, in many clinics offer free initial consultation discounts for seniors, discounts for the installation of braces etc.

    Prices for dental treatment in Kiev “101 Dentist”