10 secrets to a comfortable flight on a plane

Summer, vacation, bezviz! In the life of Ukrainians of the flights should be bigger! To your attention the list of secrets and interesting facts that you need to know for every traveler.

1. You can not drink plane water, which is poured not from a bottle

Accordingly, the tea and coffee is also banned. It’s simple: it turns out that the water for hot drinks hits the plane from the tap, not from bottles. Holes for pumping waste from the toilet and refill the water system of the aircraft are close by.

2. Store in air – sell

Products from the catalog you can buy online much cheaper. Just take a photo of any thing and upon arrival check its value in your network – you will be surprised the difference.

3. Why is the plane allowed to use electronics during takeoff and landing? Even the phone in the airplane mode? Even the player listen?

Carriers decide what is best for their passengers. And the official position of most airlines — any electronic device creates an electromagnetic field which directly or indirectly may affect the operation of on-Board devices. The second point. You may have heard how the speakers sound signals when the mobile phone catches the connection or receives a call? The same noise can drown out the headphones of the pilots with important information from the Manager.

4. So after all: you have to applaud when you touch the chassis of the runway?

In such polite there is nothing wrong. But then make it a habit to slam the cashier in the supermarket, which was successfully rung. It is also his job.

The pilots, most likely, will not hear the applause: they are separated from the interior of the armored door and the busy negotiations with the controllers, taxiing and cleaning the mechanization of the wing.

5. What happens if you get caught in an airplane bathroom sex?

Some specific rules on this point. The worst thing that can happen on arrival you will tell the security, but usually just to make a comment.

6. Your blankets no one washed and on the table-the tray can remain children’s urine

Free pillows and blankets after a flight of just laying back and not washed or disinfected. In addition, the tables, trays for food, people often change their diapers children, and tables after this, too, is not disinfected. If you’ve spilled on this table food, think twice before you send it in your mouth.

7. Get rid of old marks on the suitcase and don’t waste time hanging locks

Here are some tips from the staff of the airports. First, the locks on the bags are easily opened for baggage inspection. So not worth to spend time hanging locks, and it is better to take valuables with you to the salon.

Secondly, it is recommended to get rid of irrelevant marks and labels on a suitcase that confuse operators of the conveyor belt in your baggage may fly in the wrong direction.

8. Bring on the plane your headphones

Accessories issued to the Board as a rule, are not new, although they are carefully Packed. Preowned accessories after the flight cleared, and then re-Packed. Hence, their use is not quite safe from the point of view of personal hygiene, so you better bring your own.

9. Choose comfortable clothes

During lengthy flights the interior temperature can vary, so it is best to dress in “layers”, such as t-shirt, sweater, sweatshirt. Don’t forget to bring warm socks so you can take your shoes off and stay warm.

10. Take care of the skin

On Board the aircraft a very low level of moisture, so our skin suffers first. Not to feel any discomfort, follow these tips:

  • Direct airflow of air conditioning anywhere except the face.
  • If the skin starts to Shine, wipe the face with cleansing wipes and moisturizing cream.
  • Do not spray water on the face will dry the skin even more. Or DAB it with a tissue after spraying.