Regional projects aktiviziruyutsya

Despite statements of the Russian and Abkhaz sides that they are not against the resumption of the Abkhazian railway, the probability of this is estimated too low. For political reasons, the Georgian side is not ready for such a denouement.

The reopening of the Abkhazian railway is a very sensitive issue for Georgia. This became evident during the visit of Prime Minister of Armenia to Georgia, when the Georgian side was quick to state that during the meetings the issue of the Abkhazian railway was not discussed.

Instead, the more realistic is the project of transport corridor to Persian Gulf — Black sea regional energy cooperation between Iran, Armenia, Georgia and Russia. In a recent discussion of these issues has intensified.

The theme of the creation of the corridor the Persian Gulf — Black sea recently again addressed the Minister of foreign Affairs of Iran during the visit to Georgia. A short time later the question was discussed during the visit of Prime Minister of Georgia to Iran.

What agreements the parties reached in this matter are not yet known. At the moment, the more you know it seems the start of cooperation in the energy sector. Speech, in particular, about the supply of Iranian gas to Georgia through the territory of Armenia.

As informed one of the Iranian news agencies, after a meeting with Prime Minister of Georgia Vice-President of Iran Asahi Gangeri said that to implement the gas deal remained to solve some banking issues.

“Iran is ready to meet gas demand of Georgia. We can provide gas to Georgia in the required quantities at the border with Armenia. Recently, an agreement was reached on four months about 4 million C/m of gas. To implement this transaction it is necessary to solve some banking issues,” he said.

It is, in fact, the scheme of payments for gas, which, in all probability, will also participate and Armenia.

As you know, the gas deal Iran-Armenia-Georgia will be, so to speak, swap. In other words, Iranian gas will be delivered to the territory of Armenia and Georgia will get it on its border in the form of Russian gas. Although, in fact, it has no value. It is important that this transaction Armenia the first officially become a transit country for transporting Iranian gas. Although at this stage we are talking about small volumes, however, this transaction is of great importance.

According to the Vice-President of Iran, it is expected that every day in Georgia will be supplied 4 million C/m of gas. The transaction duration is four months. This means that during this time in Georgia will be supplied half a billion square meters of Iranian gas.

When exactly that will be implemented in the agreement, the parties have not yet specified. In any case, we should expect that it will not last long.

Moreover, Georgia has already announced that before the end of this year will not be buying Russian gas and will satisfy domestic demand at the expense of Iranian natural gas.

Despite the fact that Georgia in the framework of negotiations on the transit of Russian gas to Armenia was able to receive from Russia certain favorable conditions for the purchase of gas, while it has no plans to use them. Instead, he’ll run reached a few months ago an agreement to purchase Iranian gas. It is expected that the start will be given next month.

Regional cooperation in the energy sphere is not limited only to the supply of Iranian gas. One of the key issues concerned with the development of electro-energy corridor, in which Armenia actively participates. For this purpose, as it is known, started construction of the third high-voltage power line Iran — Armenia.

Come to the end of the competition the processes of construction of the transmission line from Armenia to Georgia. It is expected that at the end of the year, at the latest early next year, construction begins and in this direction. Construction lines Armenia — Iran and Armenia — Georgia is scheduled to finish in 2019, which will greatly increase the possibility of transmission in the direction North-South.

Meanwhile, again started to actively supply electricity from Armenia to Georgia. Instead of the zero supply in the last year, in the first quarter of the current year, Georgia exported more than 75 million kWh of electricity. It is expected that in April, shipments will reach 40 million kW/h.

Activation of cooperation in the field of electricity supply was also facilitated by the agreement signed between Armenia and Georgia in February of this year on ensuring two-way flows of electricity, which will allow to optimize the modes of production and consumption.

Delivery of Georgian electricity to Armenia yet miniscule — only 1 million kW/h: the delivery took place in January, during an emergency shutdown of a nuclear power station. Although it is assumed that, in parallel with seasonal changes, also change the supply, which will join Iran.