Epidemic COVID-19 in Ukraine: an online briefing of the Ministry of health

The number of confirmed cases of coronavirus grows

Health Minister Maxim Stepanov gives the online briefing on the situation with the spread of coronavirus in Ukraine.

According to NSDC, during the day, the number of cases increased by 522, but the number recovered exceeds the mortality rate by almost 10 times.

As reported “Today”, as of the morning of may 9 all over Ukraine have been 14 laboratory confirmed cases COVID 710-19, 376 people died, recovered 2 909.

Outpatients are patients 9765, of whom 801 child and 2271 the health care provider. Just needed hospitalization 4430 people, including 176 children and 487 physicians. The connection to the ventilator took 185 patients, including one child, and 16 physicians.

As is known, the quarantine in Ukraine has been extended until 22 may, but on 11 may a part of the quarantine restrictions will be eased.

According to the Deputy Minister of health, chief state sanitary doctor Viktor Lyashko, if Ukraine has not declared a quarantine, the country could be 220-240 thousand infected with a coronavirus. He said this in the Studio a socio-political talk show “Freedom of speech Savik Shuster”, which comes out in live TV channel “Ukraine”.