How to let into your life happiness: the advice of psychologists

Ask ten people what happiness is, and you’ll get completely different answers, because everyone sees it in something. One is the family, the other lays all hopes of money, the third is eager to travel. But often it happens that we have all dreamed about, and still don’t feel happy. How to let happiness in their own lives? Our specialists, psychologist Irina Siryk and a psychologist, psychotherapist Irina Shcherbakova, and sure: for this you need to acquire some useful habits. We found out what it was.


Want to feel happy? Find a job that is fun. If the Hobbies grow into a profession and the business of life — success is 99% guaranteed. Virtually all great people were literally in love with what he was doing. But if we force ourselves to work, every day Wake up miserable. To check, whether you love, will help test: imagine that you had won a million. What will you do? If first came up with the idea of “Quitting” — it means that this work is not exactly brings you pleasure. Maybe to be happy, should change it?


All people are pleased to get something from the outside world. Help and support friends provide an opportunity to feel needed and important. But few people know: “reverse” when you support or help those who need it, carries a greater energy charge! Doing selfless good deeds, people filled with energy from within. Make it a habit at least once a month to do a good deed — and see how to change the life.


With age, many lose the ability to truly enjoy life. But if you like to see the film, you are lucky to not smile. Believe me: everyone has a reason for joy, just a series of problems we do not notice them. And it must be corrected! How? Very simple: on the way home thinking about how much tired, and about what good happened during the day. If you take it a habit at least once a day to find a reason to rejoice and smile in your life will begin to dominate the positive.


Often we are so fixated on the problem that you can’t see the solutions. With this approach, it’s hard to be happy because life is unpredictable, and black stripes is its integral part. So even if everything goes according to plan, learn not just to accept the situation, and to seek and benefit. You were fired from your job? But now you are free from rises at 6 am, and most importantly — can find their dream job. Remember: “Everything turns out for the best!”.


If you are dissatisfied with their appearance or as a person — can’t feel happy. You need to clearly realize that everyone is different, and you don’t have to change just because they are different from the environment or someone doesn’t like you. Constantly say snub nose or freckles on the face? But they make you special. When you come to love its “features”, many problems will disappear by themselves.


Surely everyone has heard the phrase “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are”. Of course, should not unconditionally judge a man by his environment, but the proportion of truth in the saying is. If your girlfriend without end complains about how unhappy she is, and a friend complains about the universal injustice, you also begin to see the world in black colors. Try to “clean” their surroundings. If the person brings into your life only negative — is to minimize communication with him.


Well, if you’re a good man, trying to realize the dreams of his family and always think about our loved ones. But it is important in the pursuit of desire to please others is not to lose yourself. Learn to hear themselves and to meet their own needs — certainly not to the detriment of loved ones. Abstracted from the outside world and ask yourself: “What do you want me?” Honestly answer yourself the question and try to satisfy their desire. You may have already 100 years have not been fishing that you love so much, or want to go to the SPA treatments.


A happy man is, first of all, grateful. Learn to be thankful for any given opportunity, for all that it gives you. Make it a habit every day before going to sleep to find at least one thing for which you from the heart can say “thank you”. No matter what it is — maybe you’ll thank this day for the good weather or the fact that we were able to enjoy the singing of birds, met with old friends or you’ve been promoted. If every day you say “thank you”, eventually the days will sparkle with bright colors and happiness will come in your life.