Mercenaries and instructors involved in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine

“Thin red line” Italian “foreign fighters” has now reached Ukraine and war in Donbas. On the one hand, Pro-Russian fighters from the breakaway republics of Lugansk and Donetsk. On the other Ukrainians, otvoevyvaya city occupied by the “terrorists” (as Kiev calls supporters of independence). On both sides of the front fighting “the Italians”, ten people, almost all hail from the North of Italy, the majority was in favor of the rebels. At least four of them were from the Piedmont, except for instructors, paramedics, helping in the rear.

Turin — one of the main points of recruitment in our country. From this city in 2014 went to 55-year-old Francesco Saverio Fontana (Francesco Saverio Fontana), volunteer battalion “Azov”. “We exist in very harsh conditions. We have a very few weapons, strikes are almost always applied from a very close distance, often with the help of Molotov cocktails,” he tells us. “Stan” is his fighting pseudonym — will continue to exist between the Piedmont and Ukraine.


A resident of Turin Valter Nebiolo (Valter Nebiolo) — 55-year-old Builder entrepreneur, has long been living in Liguria. Recently he was arrested the police division for General investigations and special operations Digos: garage Sanremo, he hid weapons and ammunition. On Facebook, he published the picture where he was wearing a helmet, body armor, machine gun in his hands. Nebiolo denied that she was a hireling. However, he acknowledged that participates in the “spontaneists the movement in defense of Europe,” formed after the aggression of Russia in Ukraine.
According to some, from Turin to Ukraine went to two other fighter. This time the tracks lead to the separatists, financed by Moscow. Their names are not known, the investigation is ongoing. “They are professionals” — confirmed by investigators. Perhaps they are international (and internationalist, because it is inspired by the example of the war in Spain) the group “Internet” (Interunit), which in 2015 is listed in the ranks of the brigade “Ghost” in Donetsk.

From Turin to Ukraine came several paramedics. Among them, “Carlo”, a former paratrooper division “Lightning”. The name was invented. “I don’t want to mess with the Russian supporters,” he says, ” their Italian supporters there is a persistent threat.” He is a specialist in the provision of medical care in any gun battle. “I teach soldiers how to stabilize the wounded before evacuating it from the front.”

“The Italians”

At least ten Italians are registered in the militia, which is financed by Moscow. One of the most famous Antonio Cataldo (Antonio Cataldo). He’s the only real professional of the group. In Russia and in Kazakhstan, he has mastered techniques of the marine corps, self-defense, parachuting. He worked under contract in Panama, Libya, Dubai. Then spent eight months in the Donbass. “Sniper of the regular army of Lugansk, two of the order for courage”. Cataldo hopes for a speedy return to Syria: “I will be on the side of Assad, at least they’re speaking Russian.”

In Luhansk fighting an escaped convict, and a former member of the “ultras” Andrea Palmeri (Andrea Palmeri). In Italy it was waiting for the sentence of three years and ten months for killing a leftist rebel. Since 2014 he is with Kalashnikov in hand is against those whom the Kremlin propaganda calls the “Ukrainian Nazis”. Palmeri proudly displaying the Nazi cross tattooed on his shoulder. “In the Donbass, I finally feel at home, because they are among the real Nazis”.

“Spartacus” is a military nickname for a resident of Brescia Massimiliano Cavalleri (Massimiliano Cavalleri). Former soldier of the Italian army, now fighting in Lugansk. On his page in Facebook it shows the wounds and earned medals. “Whenever I shoot a Ukrainian soldier, I imagine, though I get in one of our politicians in Brussels,” he says. With the Pro-Russian side is also Fasolo Alberto (Alberto Fazolo), Roman, born in 1979. Fasolo, apparently, is an activist of the “Donbass international forum”, the organization recruiting mercenaries on behalf of the Kremlin. It is believed that this group acts in our country, using the cover from the extreme right. “Bosambo” — so calls himself a resident of the Veneto region Ongaro Edie (Edy Ongaro). Left the volunteer, in an interview at the tavern of Portogruaro, admitted that he accepted the offer because I was unemployed and barely making ends meet. He was in “Ghost”, apparently, two other “foreign fighters” from Turin, missing a few months ago — the two “ghosts” to match the name of the brigade.