Pristayko said, will Ukrainians leave for seasonal work in Europe

Pristayko will negotiate with European countries that want to attract Ukrainians

Negotiations with countries that want to attract Ukrainians to the seasonal workswill lead the Vice Prime Minister on European and Euro-Atlantic integration Vadym Prystayko on behalf of the Prime Minister Denis Smagala.

In an interview with “Today,” Vadim pristayko said that there is no speech about any bans, moreover, the charters for seasonal workers will be organized constantly.

However, according to him, it is important to understand the difference between workers who are constantly unorganized cross the Ukrainian border increases the risks of the threat of new outbreaks of coronavirus, and seasonal workers who travel abroad for 3-6 months with the implementation of the conditions of observation and safety requirements.

“You can see which areas have suffered from the coronavirus most. Let’s be honest – is a region along the border. So it’s one thing when we’re talking about seasonal workers who come for seasonal work for 3-6 months, with health insurance, decent salary, forms and conditions of work, and not doing this first year. In respect of such employees, we continue to conduct negotiations with specific countries and will ensure that organized seasonal work,” he said.

Vice Prime Minister noted that in Finland, seasonal workers who come there, “compulsory observation, which is paid by the government or the companies that employ them”.

Pristayko noted that at the meeting of the Prime Minister, this issue was discussed with the ambassadors of the EU and the US, as in the public space of debate about the alleged ban on travel of citizens of Ukraine to work abroad.

“Today the Prime Minister has authorized me to address this issue with specific countries on organised trips. We are now trying to determine how to give that opportunity to people who want to work abroad. These people appreciate abroad to their families in Ukraine, they bring income,” said the official.

According to Pristayko, the government would want these people remained in Ukraine and has made a “contribution to the economy of the country, for example, by building your farm”.

“The state these people really need. They are flexible, active, willing to travel thousands of miles from home, to earn. Because we’re not the Soviet Union, we cannot keep them by force”, – concluded the Deputy Prime Minister.

We will remind that this week the government of Finland said that can abandon the Ukrainian seasonal workers after the controversial statements of Kiev about what Ukraine wants to keep workers at home.

Seasonal works, Finland planned to raise about 14 thousand Ukrainians. First Charter, paid Helsinki, brought 200 Ukrainians. However, according to Ambassador of Estonia to Ukraine, after that the Cabinet has suspended the organization of such charters.

The full interview with Deputy Prime Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic integration Vadym Prystayko for the site to “Today” on EU aid in the fight against coronavirus, about our relationship with the EU and NATO, and about Russia, read on Friday, may 1.