What is the difference of different liquids for e-cigarettes?

Even advocates of electronic Smoking agree that hovering with the help of electronic devices is not completely harmless. On the other hand, to argue the positive side of soaring as silly. Due to the lack of burning as such, vapor e cigarette contains nicotine, glycerin and propylene glycol, without many of the dangerous impurities and resins, typical tobacco products. However, in order to get all of the benefits of vaping, it is important to choose the right liquid for cartridges e-cigarette.

First, note that not all products on the market nicotine liquids can be called a really high-quality and safe. There are no approved standards of quality for producers of liquids. Besides, there are imitations or products of unscrupulous manufacturers. Float them in a liquid is dangerous or, at least, is not good.

Secondly, with regard to artisanal or homemade refills for e-cigarettes, it should be noted that any tampering with the liquid nicotine is a real danger, both for the Amateur to save, and his children, Pets and the environment. Nicotine liquid a poison that upon contact with the skin can lead to fatal consequences. Homemade liquid can simply be bad. Better buy a good liquid brands tested.

It is important to choose a quality electronic cigarette that the device. Cheap or “disposable” gadgets will reduce the comfort of bathing even with the nicest liquid to a minimum.

Now about the differences. Liquid for electronic cigarettes is propylene glycol, glycerin, nicotine and additives for flavor.

The ratio of propylene glycol and glycerin the same thing from different manufacturers. However, there are exceptions for “lovers” or those who have a diagnosed intolerance to one of the components. If a lot of glycerin – e-CIG will give more vapor, but may decrease the sensation of nicotine, from which the sense of naturenote is not so clear, the risk to consume dangerous or unpleasant to you the amount of nicotine. If more PG – less vapor and more impact on the throat.

The amount of nicotine is another obvious difference. There are several classes of the fortress, from 0 to 24-36 mg/ml. Much in this case depends on the personal preferences and requirements, as well as how you used to smoke, and what device you use. If you decide to quit Smoking by using electronic cigarettes, it is recommended to start gradually reduce the nicotine content every few weeks.

In conclusion, we note that the individual selection of the liquid, not to mention the aromas, involves experimenting with various brands. The only thing is to remember – avoid counterfeits and give preference to products the manufacturer and distributor where you care about the consumer.