The hultkvist may be forced to leave in connection with Russian exercises

It is likely that in connection with these large-scale exercises of the Swedish defense Minister Peter Hultqvist will have to leave — if the Alliance (the political coalition in the government of Sweden, which includes the Moderate party, Centre Party, Christian democratic party and the Liberal party — approx. ed.) will be able to have your vote of confidence.

“That’s a concern,” says Jakob Westberg (Westberg Jacob), a Professor of security policy and strategy at the Institute of defense.

The decision of the parties of the Alliance to declare a vote of no confidence in Peter Hultqvist could leave Sweden without a Minister of defense does — or to put this a post of someone entirely new — during the two large-scale military exercises in the Baltic sea.

“Aurora 17” will be held in September in Malardalen, Gothenburg and on Gotland and around it. The exercise involved more than 19 thousand Swedish military along with approximately 2 thousand troops from Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Lithuania, Norway and the USA. It is the largest exercises on Swedish territory for 20 years.

At the same time, will be the Russian exercises “West-17”, which will begin on September 14 and to be attended by around 13 thousand Russian and Belarusian military.

Tacos way, and those and other teachings start at the beginning of the work of the Parliament on 12 September — and likely vote on the censure motion against the defence Minister Peter Hultqvist.

“A time of growing tension”

According to Jacob Westberg, teacher security policy and strategy at the Institute of defence if Hultquist will be forced to leave at this moment, the situation “will look bad”.


“I would say that this is really a concern. Swedish “Aurora” — not just military maneuvers and exercises total defense with the participation of many different parts of society, he says. — In addition, we generally live in a time of growing tension. So badly that now all these relate to internal political strife and the defense Minister. It would be better to return to this issue later in the fall.”


“Work on the audience”

Jakob Westberg notes that Russia may perceive it as a chance to gain some advantage in the field of security policy, to criticize or make fun of Sweden. Russians tend to make fun of the defense forces of Sweden.

“For example, as with the discussion of the seven-day defense in 2013. Besides, the post of defense Minister was a woman I thought was funny. But now it’s very much about the game to the public, to our home crowd. At the same time, I don’t think you can speak about an increased risk in security policy in the period of change of defence Ministers in the post”.

The speaker of the liberals on defence policy vidman Allan (Allan Widman) also considers the situation to be risky.

“I don’t think the country will be left without a defence Minister or government, no matter what the outcome of this is the Declaration of vote of no confidence”, — he told TT.

A consequence of the changing pattern of hazards

Russian military exercises “Zapad” held regularly. According to Jacob Westberg, it is difficult to understand, is it an accident of their coincidence in time with the “Aurora” or not.

“In fact, the exercises in connection with maneuvers in other countries — a common occurrence, but they were carried out and regardless of this, he says, and adds: — Swedish exercises is a consequence of the fact that we have re-introduced the concept of total defence of the decision point in 2015. Now we have provided the first major opportunity to test our strength. It is also interesting that they focus on the defense of Sweden, which is also a consequence of the changing pattern of the potential dangers and focus on the Baltic sea”.

Invited defence Ministers

Plan Peter Hultqvist regarding Swedish military exercise is not yet completely clear, so it is unclear how likely it is to influence the process.

“But invited the defense Ministers of all countries that participate in the maneuvers. I know that the Finnish Minister is likely to arrive. In addition, Peter hultquist plans to visit all the places where you will be teaching, as he usually does during the internal exercises of the armed forces,” says Marinette Scent Radebe (Marinette Nyh Radebo), press Secretary of the Minister of defence.

In her opinion, unfortunate that the announcement of the vote of confidence coincides with the holding of military exercises.

“A potential new defense Minister will need time to disperse”.

Military exercise “Aurora”

The autumn military exercises “Aurora 17”, which will be held in September, called the biggest military exercises in Sweden for the last 20 years.

The exercises will be held in the air, on land and in water. They raised troops all over Sweden, but most actively in Malardalen and Stockholm, on Gotland and around it, as well as in Gothenburg.

The exercise involved 19 thousand men and women of the armed forces of Sweden, a quarter of them belong to the militia forces. Will be involved with various state agencies.

In addition, the formation will arrive from Denmark, Estonia, France, Lithuania, Norway and USA, in total about 2 thousand military. It is an international doctrine, but not NATO exercises.

Their goal is also to work out the reflection of sudden attack on Sweden. Also, according to representatives of the armed forces, the exercises will be an important signal to the world that Sweden is ready to defend itself. Various combat forces will train together.