The United States will transfer to Estonia their latest aircraft – the media

American aircraft F-35A will be directed to Estonia, to prove the commitment of Americans to the security of its allies in Europe. It is reported by CNN, citing a U.S. official.

It is noted that this action will be performed as part of the security initiative of the NATO countries. This program was developed by the allies after the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

For example, the F-35A are already in the UK and will be sent to Estonia in the coming days. Also, these aircraft are already located in Romania.

As reported in the Pentagon, the United States will send “a small number” of the latest stealth multipurpose fighter-bombers F-35A Lightning II in Europe in the framework of the guarantees of the allies.

While earlier, the US defense Department criticized the new F-35 aircraft, which is the most expensive military program in the world — its total cost exceeds $ 1 trillion.