Look like happy people: psychologists have named the TOP 5 most important qualities

Not every man can be called happy due to various circumstances. But look like really happy people and is there a connection between the character and satisfaction with life, decided to find out psychologists.

This was reported by “New time” with reference to the Independent.

In the study, psychologists took part more than 700 men and women aged 20 to 55 years. Thus, scientists were able to identify five traits that make a person happy and help to achieve success in different aspects of life.

According to one of the study’s authors, Scott Barry Kaufman, if man has at least one trait of the five – it is more successful and satisfied with life than those who do not. Moreover, scientists believe that nature can be changed, so if you don’t have the necessary features, they can be developed independently.

Five personal qualities of happy people:

1. Enthusiasm

Enthusiasts usually cheerful, outgoing and emotional people, so they easily make new friends and reach your goals faster. In addition, the study showed that such people are less stressed, and they always find a way out of any situations that help them successfully move through life.

2. Love for yourself

To be happy, it is important to love and respect yourself, because success in all aspects of life are seeking people with good self-esteem. Otherwise people fall into depression, turn in on themselves and are often offended by trifles.

3. Hard work

Hardworking people usually purposeful, energetic and have a high level of self-discipline. The study showed that workaholics, in the best sense of the word, more satisfied with life than other people.

4. Compassion

Compassionate people are very kind, they care about others and show an interest in the environment. According to studies, people who are happy to help others, more satisfied with life.

5. Curiosity

The thirst for knowledge and a keen interest in what is happening contributes to the enrichment of life and work experience. Moreover, curiosity is closely linked to sociability and enthusiasm, which together help to achieve any goals.