Alisa, Russian hacker, which is considered the secret weapon of Putin

Her company Zorsecurity fell under the sanctions Obama: according to the United States, she received from the Kremlin money for information attacks on America. However, the girl herself denies it: “the Russian government asked for my help, but I never agreed”.

Women hackers are really little. However, they are, and that’s a fact. Much more difficult to understand whether one of them is in Putin’s circle of hackers, who accused the Kremlin on the Internet with the aim to influence American elections and determine public opinion. So, while there is growing international tension in connection with cyber security, social networks were flourishing legends and profiles.

The first widely discussed in the last hours example is Alisa Shevchenko. It owns a Twitter account @badd1e, she heads Zorsecurity, one of the companies of information security that fall under the sanctions Obama, as it is believed that she was one of the tools of the GRU (Russian military intelligence). But not only that. Analysts believe Alice a true Prodigy of cyberwar. She, however, denied in an interview with the Guardian newspaper, sent email protected encryption program that worked for Putin. Speaking about the celebrities in the letter, written from “places in the village a few hours from Bangkok”, Alice commented, a “high level of hysteria in the world” generates the question about Russian hacking.

According to the girls, the Americans interpretiruya wrong and most stupid way to inflate the role of Russian hacking, a position somewhat similar to what the President said trump. It turns out that all the assumptions of American intelligence that the national democratic Committee, was attacked by a group of Russian hackers known by the name of Fancy Bear, wrong? Shevchenko avoids this question and gives him a direct answer. At the same time on Twitter she’s attacking the newspaper, which gave an interview and writes: “the Guardian asked me about the future plans now, I say: take LSD and go for a walk in a national Park where there is no protection.” When you look through her tweets on mind involuntarily comes a girl hacker Lisbeth Salander, the heroine of the trilogy by Stig Larsson. However, outside an imaginary world of Alice is really very little.

She is the same Twitter, calls himself “a typical geek-introvert”, “miss Robot”, who studied in three different universities, and in 2004 caught in Kaspersky Lab, a Russian company dedicated to cybersecurity, which allowed her to stand up and to start a company e-learning materials, sanctioned Obama. Who is she — black (criminal) hacker high-level or grey hacker (a professional in the field of information, which goes from time to time in different areas) that have nothing to do with intelligence “Tsar” Putin? In an interview with the Guardian she denies this: “of Course, I many times had people working for the Russian government. But I never took their suggestions.” But doubt that it helped Putin in his attempt to influence American elections, remains.