Problems of national identity of the Ruthenian gentry in Kostomarov

Studying the works of historians, even apparent proponents of the idea of Rus-Ukraine, we must understand that many of the definitions in their texts is incorrect due to the fact that the censors of the Kremlin would have missed in print texts, which differed from the officially approved.

Yes, in the text it was possible to hypothesize, a commonplace, but to use the forbidden words and definitions was unacceptable!

That is why the text of Mykola Kostomarov, you will not find a definition of “Ukrainian” or “Muscovite”. Have not used it and the ancient name of the people of Russia-Ukraine — Rusyns.

He, in order to avoid the attacks of censorship, and do not use offensive name for Rusyns Ukrainians, have changed the definition. Rusyns — Ukrainians began his southern Russian, and Muscovites are Great people. Through the use of these fictitious names, he managed to divert the attention of the censors, and to show that in spite of everything, Muscovites — this is no native Ruthenian nation. Moreover, with the poles, the Ruthenians have a lot in common and unifying and not with the Muscovites, from whom they were enslaved.

Also very interesting observations Kostomarov about the fate of the Ruthenian-Ukrainian gentry, who was literally caught in the middle, and was torn apart.

Next, I’ll give you an excerpt of the work Kostomarov “Two Russian nationalities” in the wording which corresponds to the actual situation.

“The fate of the Ruthenian (Ukrainian) tribe settled so that those who became gentry, commonly lose their nationality. Previously, they were poles, now, are Muscovites. The carrier of the national culture of the Ruthenian (Ukrainian) was always, and remains, common people — the peasants.

If the gentleman will desire to Express their belonging to the Ruthenian (Ukrainian) nation, he would have again become simple peasants, losing all of its benefits and privileges.

The Polish people were quite the opposite. Those nobles who rose from the people, not change their nation and go back to the villagers in case of its acceptance, and form a solid bar.

The story tied to the poles with the Ruthenians (Ukrainians) so that a significant portion of the Polish nobility is of Ruthenian origin, it is reborn in the poles, the Ruthenians, the ones who force happy for their circumstances, separated from the General masses.

Because and formed against the Polish gentry such concepts as “landlord” or “master”, the nobility, and “Ruska” — “servile”, “peasant” gentry.

These concepts remain still, and appear in all claims of poles in the so-called rapprochement with the us.

Poles talk about the brotherhood against the Ruthenians, always call themselves lords. Under various modes of expression, they tell us: “Be the poles, we want you men to do pans”.

Even those whose liberal and honest intention, we believe, they say essentially the same thing: if it is not a case of domination and suppression of our people financially, it is undeniable and clearly the desire to suppress and destroy us spiritually, make us, poles, to deprive us of their language, its stock of concepts, all of our national pride, enclosing it in Polish, what is most notable in Galicia.

From this, currently, between Ruthenians and poles may not be such a friendship and such fraternal Association, as Muscovites (!!!).

Muscovites are by nature opposite to the Ruthenians, but this is what causes the benefits of this connection (for Moscow). Muscovites have got what we have (the Imperial idea of the Third Rome), and we, for its part, can fill the gaps in their national idea (to become a donor culture, history, crafts, art).

Ruthenians (Ukrainians) realized and are aware of the inevitability and continuity of communication with the Muscovites (!!!), because the Muscovites are able as WE are UNABLE TO the ORGANIZATION(!), to support public bodies and to the choice of the correct ways of its development.

For its part, Russia became for Muscovites moral basis of their ideology, of their civilization.

Proof for this can be that the good Muscovite, as soon as you come to Ukraine, you will certainly love us and will be very sympathetic to our people.

He will find in him the life-giving beginning of poetry, which it is impossible to develop the Muscovites because of their historical neprikosnovennosti to her.

Poles and nothing of us will get, because their national culture is no different from Ruthenian (Ukrainian), as is the same with her roots.

Similarly from the poles and we can’t borrow, except, perhaps, the ideology of the aristocracy, which destroys our nation”…

In other words, what happens?

1. Ruska (Ukrainian) intelligentsia, the nobility, after it had been on the same level with the Polish nobility, was supposed, bound to match, in fact, become it. After the break with Poland, exactly the same story has come from Moscow, which, similarly to Poland, privatized Ruthenian gentry, calling it the Russian nobility — the nobility.

2. Poland from Russia, Ukraine, distinguished only by the fact that she was less prone to attacks of the Mongols, and later of Moscow, and was able to build a fairly powerful state, which, typical of many successful countries, contracted Imperial chauvinist ideology.

3. In fact, the culture of Poland and Russia — a culture of one people, separated by religion, and, as a consequence, a system of writing. Also in Poland grew more Pro-Western institutions of government, than in Russia-Ukraine, which, in fact, entirely independent and almost never was.

4. Moscow Russia is necessary as air, as a guide to the world of advanced civilization of the West, as a teacher, as a provider of culture, which, accordingly, was to raise and elevate the role of Rusyns in the history of Moscow. And so it would have been, if not for the ancient Moscow tradition: assign someone else to provide for her.

Perenasytil Ukrainian culture, already in the XIX century Moscow was given it for his ancestral.


Russia-Ukraine is on the border of two civilizations: East and West; we’re the next stage of development, which was unable to rise of Muscovy.

During the years of colonial slavery our elite began to develop their national culture, for the result of such activities could be the loss of preferences which gave her the ability to communicate with equal status representatives of high society of Poland or Muscovy. Our nobility renounced their national identity, preferring the stronger our partners or conquerors, thereby, becoming part of their cultural heritage. It was developed not our culture, but culture, art, literature, and ideology of the aggressor.

What it led to? To what we have today is not its nobility. That calls themselves gentry, or the Ukrainian elite is basically a legacy of the Communist regime, imposed on us by Moscow to the Ukrainian culture have no relationship.

Is there a need to restore us today this layer of society? Whether the Ukrainian society request for intellectuals? Interested in today anyone in Ukraine really a revival of our ancient national culture? Interested in is whether the return to the Ukrainian state language?

Many say Yes. That’s just from what they say, nothing in our country why-that does not change.

It might make sense to start, what to do?

And if not, then maybe you shouldn’t kick and then the corpse of the Ukrainian intelligentsia, and give him quietly to decompose the representatives of other cultures who are interested in its development?