Russia afraid of Ukraine – Dekanoidze

Ukraine needs to develop and become successful to be able to return the captured territory of Russia, as diplomatic talks, Putin did not operate. In an interview with “Apostrophe” said the ex-Minister, the head of national police of Ukraine, the Georgian opposition Khatia Dekanoidze.

The oppositionist reminded that Georgia in 2008 tried to reach the West that Russia is not limited only to the Caucasus and go to Ukraine.

“On the first day, as soon as the war started in Ukraine, I had the feeling that it’s like a continuation of the Georgian war. After 2008, we told everyone, especially our international partners: guys, this is a war that will certainly be continued – while in Ukraine and then, maybe wider. Talked about this Misha (Saakashvili – ed.) the session of the United Nations. But, unfortunately, our partners did not really listen. So now we have what we have. And we have that part of Ukraine is also occupied, and no end in sight, when negotiations will lead to success,” said Dekanoidze.

According to her, Ukraine and Georgia have a chance to get rid of Russia is to become a very successful States, to reform, to defeat the internal enemies that are there.

The opposition leader also said that Russian now too afraid of Ukraine, because it is a totally different country.

“There are a lot of aspects. For example, the army has become stronger. But again, need to work very hard and seriously to develop in order to finally defeat the evil that is. And the enemy of Georgia and Ukraine are one and the same – is Putin, which is really no diplomatic negotiations are unlikely to work”, – said Dekanoidze.