Scientists have named the most effective way to lose weight

All we’ve seen them crash diets that promise significant weight loss in the short term – and may even have experienced them. However, scientists have found that this is not the best way for effective weight loss.

According to researchers from Drexel University, only a slow and gradual loss of pounds will be able to provide a stable result.

Scientists made this discovery, for two years after testing 183 participants with overweight and obesity. They found that people who dropped by about the same number of pounds every week, eventually showed better results than those whose weight fluctuated (even if initially they lost weight more).

The head of research Michael Lowe said that it is better to decide on a weight loss plan that you can maintain all the time, even if it means you’ll lose 500 grams every week than trying to lose large amounts of weight too quickly.

So don’t be mad at yourself if you failed to lose five pounds in a week.


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