Beer and peanuts will help to recover after a workout

What can you eat after exercise, such as running? Enjoy a beer. Scientists believe that this will help fight dehydration better than sports drinks or water, – the “Popular Mechanics”.

During prolonged running, for example during a marathon, a person can lose up to three liters of fluid every hour. In addition, the body is deprived of important elements like potassium and sodium.

Professor Ronald Morgan, an expert on physical exercises from the University of St. Andrews, UK, said that eating only plain mineral water will not replenish minerals in the body. But a bag of peanuts and two cups light low-alcohol beer is a classic combination, served in all the pubs of the country — very much help.

He argued the fact that nuts are rich in potassium and low-alcohol beer contains vitamins and carbohydrates that will help to restore energy after exercise.

But at the same time, doctors warn that we should not hold: a large amount of salt, which is generously sprinkled with nuts, combined with alcohol increases blood pressure. And don’t forget about education, “beer belly”.