“With nothing of what made the emergence of Le Pen possible, not fighting”

Le Figaro: In 2002, when Jean-Marie Le Pen passed to the second round of the presidential election, you founded a people’s University. 15 years later in the second round was marine Le Pen. Are you surprised?

Michelle Onfre (Michel Onfrais): not at All. For a quarter century, this Saga no one even tried to deal with the fact that made possible the rise of the family Le Pen. Moreover, all that has contributed to her success has only intensified. Deal with it you can not demonization, but a draining of the swamp that nourishes their ambitions. In particular, we are talking about aimed at helping ordinary people politics.

What explains this perverse desire to feed the beast, then to pretend that are fighting it? One simple reason: those who scream about the threat but not dealing with the sources themselves make it possible.

Let me explain: when Mitterrand was elected in 1981, NetFront was less than 1%. Today, marine Le Pen ranks second in the first round with 20%, and all of both right and left, United against her, that she was not elected.

Marine Le Pen could thank the many people who have long been make it possible for her rise. You should start with Francois Mitterrand, who broke with left-wing ideas and moved in the direction of liberalism in 1983, and then declined to sovereignty and independent policy with the Maastricht Treaty of 1992. Thereby he deprived the left fact and gave all the power at the mercy of the markets. Thank you to all those socialists who supported the turn to the right and voted for the Maastricht Treaty (including a certain Jean-Luc Mélenchon). Thanks to the Communist party, which for financial reasons (she needed to pay employees) were satisfied with only a verbal rejection, and secretly contributed to openly criticize policy.

Once again, thanks to Mitterrand, because he has formed a new left sample of the businessman in the face of well known law enforcement of Bernard TAPI (Bernard Tapie) with simple and clear message: money is the God and prophet of the modern era, and the left serve them.

Thank you Julie Serge (Serge July) and Laurent Goffredo (Laurent Joffrin), who in 1984 moved in Libération memorable marketing and political operation called “long live the crisis!”. It transformed into a glamorous left-wing former Communist Yves Montand (Yves Montand) blamed the unemployed for the fact that they don’t create their own enterprises, and imputed to them the guilt of the fact that they help.

Thank you right-to-left expert group Terra Nova, which in 2012 issued a report that the workers, the proletariat, and find themselves in a vulnerable situation people need to be left to the National front because they are so at support it (And who is to blame? Of course, these people themselves).

It was proposed to focus on another target group, a kind of Deputy of the people with structured thinking: homosexuals, LGBT, immigrants, the Bohemian bourgeoisie… Thank left, loyal soldiers seeking cheap labor capitalism, which presented immigration as “luck for France”.

All this has provoked the strongest proletarianization of the environment, avant-garde which saw salvation in political Islam, the enemy of liberty, equality, fraternity, secularism and feminism. Thank you glamorous the left and right times Hollande, Chirac and Sarkozy, who expressed contempt for the people, when he in 2005 answered “no” to the proposal of the liberal version of Europe. In 2008, they still push through the Europe, involving the elected representatives of the people against him, which was perceived by supporters of “no” as a coup, a denial of democracy.

Thank you to all the warriors like Levi, Kouchner, Berger and Waltz (all of them, by the way, support the Macron), which justified and supported destroying secular Muslim States of war, such as Iraq and Libya. These wars gave rise to anarchy, which is at the origin of going to Europe migration flows and are responsible for thousands of deaths in the Mediterranean sea and 4 million dead Muslims around the world. Thanks to Pierre Berger (Pierre Bergé), who openly stated that poor women need only to surrender their uterus to rent rich wishing to buy a child, and called it progress…

It is clear that none of those who made it possible for marine Le Pen, nothing remains but to turn her into a devil despite the fact that they deliberately a quarter of a century fed this demon. Now they are pretending to hate him, even though it is very useful to them, to the President of the Republic has always been one of them, each capital…

I personally over the last 25 years have not supported anything that would have made this possible…

In 2002, you refused to participate in the March against marine Le Pen, along with “business and the bishops.” Do you think demonstrations and national front ineffective?

This little world love to be scared and to scare others, but personally, I am only afraid that this deserves. The candidate who gets the second round against Le Pen, victory is assured. That is, the election is actually one round. That is why this clique needs Le Pen and does everything that it passed the second round.

As for a “Republican front”, this concept raises questions: what is this “Republican” can teach us, those who crossed the results of the referendum because they did not suit them? I don’t think they have any reason to give the lessons of “republicanism” in the framework of this front…

— Have you made notes about the campaign “court of miracles”, which should be out in may. How would you describe the current campaign?

— She’s pathetic, sad, miserable… it was not raised these questions. Did someone say about national identity? About the future of our civilization? About geo-strategic proposals for the return of French justice in the world? On large-scale projects for our country for the next quarter-century? No one…

I was little on a limb when he predicted that the elections will put in power the other person, but it will not change policy, which remains more or less the same since 1983. That is why, by the way, I did not go to the polls makes no sense to vote when the result is known in advance. Unfortunately, I was not wrong…

— You believe that emotions and resentment prevailed over reason and the political art?

— I believe that these elections are the perfect tool for selling Newspapers and wrap the audience in the media for advertising. To accomplish this, they need to be structured like a reality show, or religious dogmas: the news (nominations), the birth (beginning of survey), the phenomenon (including the hologram), prophecy (program), sermon (number of programs) predictions (heaven on earth if elected), instruction of the Liturgy of the processes (profitable positions, misuse of the parliamentary Board, officer, official cars after leaving office, protection of children, leaky Declaration of property), the courts (in the media), condemnation (newspaper), the crucifixion (on TV), spitting (throwing flour and eggs), passion (the voting day), resurrection (election)… All this before the advent of a new prophet who wants to become a vizier instead of the vizier…

Anyway, it’s all tales. The essence of the other. Capital happy idea, which allows him to stay in the shadows and quietly do business. Monday it all starts again. And nothing has changed.