Avdeevka fourth day remains without electricity

As of 7 a.m. on February 27 centralized electricity in Avdeevka, Donetsk region is missing. It is stated in the operational summary of the State service for emergency situations (SSES).

The objects of social sphere, does not have its own backup power, provided with electricity from generators 11.

“Heat supply in the city, where about 22 thousand people, is centralized due to teploenergotsentrali Avdiivka coke plant”, – noted in gschs.

Centralized water supply is on track with the city reservoir.

“The emergency and the recovery from SES brought 33 people and 12 pieces of equipment. The situation is under control”, – rescuers report.

Recall, 24 January, the fighting broke off high-voltage power line 110 kV near Avdeevka, resulting in a discontinued supply of the city, and Avdiivka coke plant and Donetsk filtration plant, provide the city with heat and water.

Repair crews can’t get to restore the damaged electricity due to renewed massive attacks by the insurgents occupied the so-called “DNR” Donetsk.