Donbass rushed to the second wave of immigrants: the history of “uncut”

Three years ago, people were forced to leave their homes and work due to the fact that the land where they lived, formed the so-called “people’s Republic” and the fighting began. A few years later, the situation repeated itself: first there was the blockade of railway tracks between Ukraine and uncontrolled territory (NCT).

Then the authorities of the so-called “DNR” and “LNR” has decided that the enterprises located in the territory and living according to Ukrainian law, they do not need, and announced the nationalization of, tearing miners who do not pay the money, “sports flash mobs”. Many people who for various reasons remained to work on the tubing string after the outbreak of hostilities, Packed up and left.

“Today” publishes the history of the second wave of immigrants — people who left there home and family. Almost “uncut” — we just changed their names and do not indicate place of work, in order not to jeopardize themselves and their loved ones.


The plant I went after graduation, in August, it would be 17 years, as work…

After the outbreak of hostilities, anything can happen. And shot, and shot. Most everyone is worried about the children, of course, we somehow calmer attitude.

With the products we have had no problems — tried to get to Ukraine at least once a month purchased. Here are a common difficult situation, Yes, the atmosphere. In a nutshell: the current Donbass — a return to the Soviet Union. Not so much ticket queue, how many red flags and everything else…

In 2014, we were still unclear of the scale of the disaster. There was a stable job, a normal Ukrainian labor book, the normal salary. And now I realize that all of this we will not, and realized that you have to go to extreme measures. Three weeks of each other persuaded: I am a wife, and she me.

There are a normal life, such as it was before (the fighting. — Ed.). Transport at any time of the day or night. Everything works, everything is open. There at eight in the evening the people from the shifts resorted to, and nobody on the street will find, because a curfew. After moving no longer a problem with money. There paycheck went on the card and needed cash. Or is there somehow cashed, or go here, change into rubles and back.

In Mariupol was a coordinating headquarters, where you can ask for help in moving. We took the data sent in the assets of “Metinvest”, then we went out to the HR departments. Calls proposals were from different cities. We stayed on the fact, which is not quite a stranger. Of those with whom you communicate, 25 people left.

Now this plant is “nationalized”. Photo: from the site of the plant


All my life I have lived and worked in the same town, on his plant has gone from a mere lineman to shift Manager supervising all electrical equipment. Very responsible work.

When the fighting began, the family was evacuated to Kiev, to the family — wife and two children. Daughter was very small.

The entire 14-th year, in the fighting, I was engaged in operation of equipment forever. Although the hit was — we’re close to one of the hot spots. Damage to fuel oil tank, but he, fortunately, turned out to be empty. A small leak in the cooling tower. Near Himachal the projectile came. A near coastal station even turned out beautifully: there’s a tree growing, a shell hit right in the center and split it into two parts…

How it lived… you Know, feeling there was absolutely, can’t even say anything. Lived somehow. I was calm that my family is safe, and more about the bad thought.

Honestly: he worked there until the station belonged to DTEK, for me it was a small island of Ukraine, I believe they were on Ukrainian territory. Of course, difficult — the salary received on the card, cash was not. Had to rent, then come back.

When they announced the so-called nationalization, I immediately decided that I would not work here. I don’t think that Ukraine is over there, just at the moment made the decision.
Showed up to support the company’s hotline, I turned and there I recorded the data, who can work, it has received several proposals from different stations, eventually one of them I chose.

Working conditions are very similar, a similar station similar equipment. The work of the master is no big deal. While living in the station hotel, until, when it will be possible to rent a house that I want. I’m going to bring the family, you need a minimum 2 bedroom apartment with all amenities, a better — 3-bedroom. While there is no such option.

If I’ll come back? I drive through checkpoints, the parents were there… And so — all depends on the time. If in the near future will be restored to at least the control over the enterprise, would like to return to his hometown on hometown station. But if it goes too long, there has to be housing a rooted forest.

We have to start all over again.


I’m a native resident, all time worked at the different mines. For half a century, life was mining foreman, foreman, chief engineer, shift Manager.

When there was war, we were thinking to leave, but since the company was Ukrainian, remained. And when it was nationalized, clearly decided to leave his native land, no questions asked. Wife supported, and said “are Calculated in any case.” So I went away together. Rented an apartment, passed the professional examination.

Of course, there were nuances with housing, looking at the paper, but there’s a lot of immigrants, hard. I want good conditions. It seems cheap, a few thousand hryvnia, but it will come — and there condition is so-so. While a month removed, a little expensive. But the attitude of the people was struck: as a family, meet, suggest. Chief of staff calls, saying how you think you are. Help to look for housing… a completely different Attitude.

We were working under fire, hiding in bomb shelters. And tanks were, and the victims were. Worked near the hot spot — fire walked through the mine, over the trunks. Not touched, so the pieces flew… But risked a lot to know when the bus is coming, and on top of tracer fire. Next the bus was shot… But man gets used to everything. Scary when the shelling, the echo… In a smart mine sit it next to you shaking all the attacks, burning… Survived and withstood.

The state threw its mines, many were left without salaries, and we pay even a higher rate for work in conditions of hostilities, and the prize was. You know… we used to be a state enterprise, then a private took, had doubts. But when the war started, I realized how fortunate that we took DTEK, we are left with a salary and work, and all survived.

You know what now after moving to admire? Products of Ukrainian! Ukrainian food is not to compare, we have Russian in the occupied zone, they can not eat. And the prices are certainly incomparable.

There was a case… days of the occupation, I come home, and we on the balcony on independence Day, Ukrainian flag. Although the balcony is glazed, but still, it’s 2014, these things then… well, just… could shoot. I to the wife say: “Get out, you’re not alone, we are family…”

New the city very much. First, in the early days, could not understand the location of areas traveled on buses, I thought “Mamma MIA” as it is. As it turned out, everything is close by — walk to every-once — and came to the right place.

Don’t know what’s next. Of course, the roots are roots, and there ancestors, and all. But the site is now 80 percent for Russia. Why? Yes, because a powerful propaganda. Not all comprehend it, mostly watching TV, I do not want people to think. The Ukrainian channels, except that of the companion…

Thank God, friends all gone. When did all these… “independent Republic”… opinions all got split up, and we somehow nobody argued, we realized that only Ukraine. And friends also took the side of his native country, there were no conflicts.

Now it happened with the nationalization, we called the hotline and the very next day called us back! Asked who want to work, I said. They are: please, is this post. The boys and I said they too were settled down. And here give the work on the best sites, not backward, and best, where better pay, where advanced mine. Very impressed, you know what you like and merit there, and already… No, the old services, the master was the highest salary among the heads of shifts. But here a new man, you know, have to start from scratch, the authority to make.
Home not yet traveled, not time. The son came, pobilsya liked. Clothes passed out — it’s not drag. Parents want to pick them up. Kitty there… the graves of relatives… it Is all life, it is composed of small things.

Mine “Komsomolets of Donbass” also “nationalized”. Photo:


In 2014 was “arrivals” (of the shells. — Ed.) — thank God, nobody was hurt. Equipment, buildings — Yes. Not to say that there are so many today suffering poor Avdeevka, but they were. Damaged railway tracks, part of the machinery, the loaders were burned, burned the tractor… On the main units, fortunately, did not hit, but the energy infrastructure has suffered greatly.

At work hiding in bomb shelters. I lived in a private house, the entrance to the basement was constantly open, there were the Essentials. When I first arrived near the house of Mina 300-400 meters, jumped with his wife, dressed and in the basement. Once was at work, at home daughter left… the shelling Started… Recommendations, but to wear a warm blanket and go to sleep in the bathroom because additional casing protection, and it was not…

The behavior is very dependent on the psyche. Many people due to nervousness, fear of attacks, much thinner, haggard, it is clear that normal felt. Someone different. Boys night get “malesco” (a small bottle of alcohol. — Ed.) stuffed, no matter what slept, in the morning, hangover and all.

During the fierce fighting on the company opened the Central bushing, and a part of the village were settled with the children in defenses on its territory. Some lived there, some to two, and it’s about two hundred people. Some weeks out — well there’s water, there’s a toilet, eat brought…

To drop everything and come here — it’s a very difficult decision. When that young man or young family, which really is nothing, but still work keep, it simple. Another thing is if you lived under 50 or over 50 years… When you have a house there when he stays on the graves, the elderly, it is very difficult. Try it today-film Yes peoplecity apartment or house… I moved because the kids were here and, of course, beliefs and desire to live in Ukraine.

Some of my friends who did not go to Ukraine, approaching retirement age or retired, just paid off, not wanting to work on selected enterprise. They are few, but there are such examples. Youth perspective exploded here. But the backbone remained. Began to linger on the thought… no One believed that they will have to restart the enterprise, while, by the way, nothing happened. Thoughts like what if we leave the factory, it “stretched”, and the owner will be back in six months or a year, if all will be restored, and the plant will not. In my opinion, such opinions are influenced by the fact that part of the population remained there.

The economy is the one that was there, it begins to curl. Region-mining. Enough that, as reconstructed or reorganized mountain complex, for example, in the Rostov region. Half the mines are not working, unprofitable mines all stand. And always Donbass coal will play at cost of coal, which is mined by open way in Russia. So the prospects are very bleak. Of course, I wonder if it will happen, but I understand that Russia has enough dough to build there are some Golden plants. But I doubt she would do it.

The power structure is vertical there is built completely, even have courts. One of the major goals that no country in the world has not recognized them as terrorists: there is a state system, institution, or law enforcement. People can personally in the crimes to blame, but the organization as a whole (“DNR”. — Ed.) blame kind of impossible. I don’t know if there. Half of the ties with colleagues and friends lost. My departure for many was a surprise, although my position they knew. Perhaps their surprise and change of attitude to me is because all the difficult times at the company took place with my participation. But in this difficult period, I gathered my things, turned around and left.