Vladimir Bystryakov for “Russian Crimea” can go to jail

Composer Vladimir Bystryakov for speaking about the “Russian Crimea” and “ihtamnet” can go to jail. This was written by journalist “UKRINFORM” Eugene Quiet.

“Try not even in Israel, and in Germany, publicly declare that the Holocaust never happened — you will have the opportunity some time to think about it is written in a prison cell, or at least weigh whether lyapane language of that money will have to pay as a penalty.

This is nothing but a deliberate mockery of the living and desecration of the dead. Skip past the ears, to keep silent — means to take part of the responsibility on himself. In the case where the silent state”.


He added that the Ukrainian Prosecutor’s office should deal with the case and speedy to condemn a composer to prison or at least be forced to pay a fine.

2 Aug Ukrainian composer Volodymyr Bystryakov said that the Crimea passed to Russia through a legitimate referendum. And the beginning of the war in the Donbass pianist considers shelling Ukrainian Lugansk is consent to a Confederation.