Dementia and courage: the storm plywood “Reichstag” in Russia “broke” the social network

In the Park “Patriot” in Kubinka (Russia) at the weekend was indicative of the storm “copies” of the Berlin Reichstag.

Design, which was to remind the building of the German Parliament, was built of metal containers, plywood and film with the image of the Reichstag.

According to the Minister of defence of Russia Sergey Shoigu, the event was “to remind the present generations, neighbors near and far Russia on the feat of our fathers and grandfathers.” In Germany the storming of the “Reichstag” in the suburbs was considered a sign of the growing estrangement between Russia and Germany and called “strange and inappropriate” idea.

Thus, according to rumors, the event spent about 20 billion rubles.
Social media users have ridiculed the Russian assault on the “Reichstag”, noting the absurdity of the idea.

You won’t believe, but that is Kung Fury России

— VP (@sranysovok) 23 APR 2017

We will build a copy of the Reichstag, they said

— Philipp Kireev (@mynameisphilipp) 23 APR 2017

PHOTOFACT! People of wool are storming the Reichstag out of plywood:

— Foreign Rossi (@Fake_MIDRF) 23 APR 2017

Here is a “copy of the Reichstag” from the Ministry of defence.

— The Martin (@martin_camera) 23 APR 2017

I thought that the Reichstag took the beetles, and it turns out – Shoigu. The Reichstag, Carl!

— Alexey Venediktov (@aavst) 24 APR 2017

The Russians , and you know how much cost this action paper with the capture of the Reichstag?
$350 000 000…
How do you , rogue?)

— Alex boy (@old_alex_boy) 23 APR 2017

Saw what they built a replica of the Reichstag?
From the same will of the Crimean bridge!

— Donald trump (@DonaldJTrump71) 24 APR 2017

While the DPRK has threatened the US and Australia with a nuclear strike. The Russians took the Reichstag and Shoigu accepted the surrender of Berlin. Checkmate, NATO.

— Rogozin-to-orbit (@LyapunovS) 23 APR 2017

Gabriel started drinking, vodka, beer,
Gabriel wants to take the Reichstag.

— Gavriliada (@Gavriliada) 23 APR 2017

Merkel signs the surrender. Germany fell.

— VP (@sranysovok) 23 APR 2017

Very fun to storm the Reichstag cardboard with red flags. It is unclear why it is not dealing with the paintball club, and the whole defense.

— Sarcastic news (@_U_R_I_c) 23 APR 2017

Today in Moscow held a reconstruction of the storming of the Reichstag, and on Monday throughout the Russian Federation – reconstruction of sending to the camp of traitors

— Vitauskas (@A_Vitauskas) 23 APR 2017

Tuvan pathetic plagiatchika. Stole the idea with the storming of the Reichstag Ramzan Kadyrov. There is still in 2015 the Reichstag took.

— Rogozin-to-orbit (@LyapunovS) 23 APR 2017

21. The West creates nanomedicine, iskusstvenniy intelligence, 3D print

Russia has banned Witnesses Iegovy and kartonniy stormed the Reichstag

— Edmond Dantes™ (@deMonte_Cristo) 23 APR 2017

presented a wooden model of the Reichstag, and in this lolita Milyavskaya dressed as Hitler

very scary UTB

— neon udln prsds (@azubinski) 23 APR 2017

In the Park “Patriot” in Moscow, the reconstruction of the storming of the Reichstag.

— Motoarena (@Durevestnik) 23 APR 2017

Putin took the country with the atomic bomb, and leave with a plywood Reichstag and cock shit

— Bishop Varlaam (@Ruslan_Baysaev) 23 APR 2017

Near Moscow today trained to take the Reichstag. Jokes aside, I would still somehow tried to tell them Hitler had died.

— Sergey Naumovich (@sergonaumovich) 23 APR 2017

Dementia and courage: plywood Reichstag took three red flags

— Foreign Rossi (@Fake_MIDRF) 23 APR 2017

Federal program “Copy of the Reichstag in every yard”

— Nicotine with Eyebrows (@Yoghikitt) 23 APR 2017

The essesovtsa surprised that an eagle with only one head

— Rogozin-to-orbit (@LyapunovS) 23 APR 2017