Nick Vujicic in Kiev: “My heart is open for all”

Nick Vujicic – man born without arms and legs, which managed to overcome the impossible and become one of the most inspiring examples of successful people on earth.

He famous motivational speaker, Director of the nonprofit organization “Life without limbs”, created to help people with disabilities. And Nick came to Ukraine for the third time, again to inspire Ukrainians who have lost meaning in this life.

People gathered to listen to nick Vujcic. Photo:

Tens of thousands of people gathered in the Central square in Kiev to listen to Vujcic. Among those present was also the ATO soldiers who have lost limbs.

“Parents taught me to be grateful for what I have. They said, don’t think about what you can get, and think about what you can do,” said Nick Vujicic.

“I never understood that something is different until I started school. I was humiliated by the other children. But my parents said I was special. Love is very important to me. Parents told me to pray and not give up”.

Nick talked a lot about God and faith that help him every day. He has visited 76 countries and continues to perform with his lectures around the world.

“Ukraine is a country that I really want to come back. I’m only 34, so I have a lot to look forward to. I hope to be able to bring my family. My heart is open for all.”

Ukraine needs not only a strong economy but also love. Let love be our currency. Ukraine will change, if the Ukrainians will helps each other,” said NK.

See video from the press conference nick Vujcic in Kiev: