The US remake of the submarine under women

Inside the crew is equipped with additional bathrooms and will facilitate the bypass valves to make them easier to turn, – the “Popular Mechanics”.

The internal layout of all existing submarines of the U.S. Navy, starting with the location of the valves and ending at the turn of the monitors were tailored to the growth and strength of the average military men. Since then, as the ranks of sailors and officers joined the ladies, it became uncomfortable.

The shipbuilding unit of General Dynamics Electric Boat designing submarines, which will take into account the peculiarities of the female part of the team. The designers will increase the number of rooms, by dividing men and women sleeps and showers — this will provide more personal space. They also lowered the top flaps and make them easier, but will also install additional step for triple bunk and bunk beds.

The first submarine with a “design for women” will be called New Jersey will be part of the American fleet in 2021. It is unclear how much Electric Boat will manage this reform.

The ban on the service of women in the U.S. Navy was filmed in 2010 at the initiative of the former President of the country Barack Obama. Today in U.S. naval forces is around 80 female officers and almost 50 sailors.