Mexico responded harshly to the initiative trump the North American FTA

Mexico may withdraw from the agreement on free trade zone in North America because of the intent of U.S. President Donald trump to reconsider its conditions. According to Mexican economy Minister Ildefonso, Guajardo if new conditions are disadvantageous to his country, she refused even to participate the North American FTA.

“It may be that we will not have a choice. Is it worth it to settle for something less than we already have? It doesn’t make any sense”, – quotes Reuters the Mexican Minister.

As you know, the US Donald trump has signed a decree on the withdrawal from the agreement on the TRANS-Pacific partnership. He is convinced that it will benefit American workers.

CNN and Reuters reported that trump took for a deal on the FTA with Canada and Mexico.

The government Justin Trudeau will discuss your position and possible consequences from Washington’s desire to revise the agreement on free trade zone in North America.