The Russian scientist pointed to a serious danger to the Putin regime

Russian scientist, Professor, head of the expert group “OWL” and a member of the public Council of the House of free Russia in Kiev, Mikhail Savva believes that the presidential election in 2018, the intensification of mass protests, the weakening of the power might threaten the collapse of the regime, writes “Obozrevatel”.

“The ability of the regime to suppress the protests is much larger than the ability of the protesters. But keep in mind that the faster mode is degraded. “The Kremlin towers” as it is called warring factions in the government itself, are to each other the war. Kadyrov’s men against the FSB, “liberals” from the financial-economic bloc of the government against the “siloviki” and so on,” said Sawa.

According to him, the elites of the regions are increasingly thinking about how not to be under the rubble of the vertical of power.