Nurse with coloured leather has become a successful model

25-year-old nurse from Ghana suffering from vitiligo became a successful model. Her story told the publication the Daily Mail.

Enam of Heikens told reporters that seven years on the skin appeared and began to grow bright spots. The students mocked her unusual appearance and hunted girl.

“At school my classmates came to me because I think it’s contagious,” she recalls.

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The problems did not end when the Enam increased. It failed to establish privacy, because the boyfriend was embarrassed to be seen with her.

“I was terribly depressed, but five years ago I decided: enough,” she told the Daily Mail. The girl came to the conclusion that you need to accept their appearance and not have to worry about the disease.

When Enam trained nurse, she went to a conference on vitiligo. There it drew the attention of scouts from modeling agencies. The girl was invited to shootings for magazines and fashion brands.

Vitiligo — pigmentation disorders, leading to disappearance of melanin in some areas of the skin. He exposed about one percent of the planet’s inhabitants. The disease is poorly understood and has no reliable treatment methods.