How to relieve stress for a few minutes without drugs and alcohol: TOP 11 easy ways

Fast paced, multitasking, and lack of good rest can anyone of wiseti out of balance. Expert health Zoe Berovski called 11 simple and quick ways to relax and relieve nervous tension.

There are simple and effective ways to cope with stress, says Novoe Vremya, with reference to Care 2.

To watch a funny video. Short funny or even stupid video well to recharge the brain and alleviate stress. Also the humor helps to increase productivity.

Studies show that people who during work occasionally distracted by a funny video and give yourself a break, cope with difficult problems faster.

Drink a Cup of green tea. An amino acid found in green tea, can reduce stress-reaction of the body when a person is faced with difficulties. Green tea acts on the nervous system calming.

Inhale the scent of the orange. In 2012, Brazilian researchers found that the scent of the orange can significantly reduce stress levels. To remove tension, apply to the skin orange essential oil or just cut a fresh orange in half and enjoy its aroma.

To hit the ball on the floor. Any repetitive motion such as walking, stress ball against the floor or wall, knitting, drawing, painting or Cycling help you to relax. Constant repetition of actions cause the brain to focus only on this activity and get rid of disturbing thoughts and worries.

Take a stroll in the sun. People who regularly walk in Sunny weather and working in bright sunlight, less stress and other mental disorders, easier-going, less drawn to carbohydrates and rarely recover.

To solve the puzzle. Concentration on a mental task, e.g., solving crossword, Sudoku puzzle or doing puzzles is a great way to relax and cope with stress.

Listen to your favorite music. Australian research has shown that listening to music while performing complex tasks, helps reduce stress, relieve anxiety, lower blood pressure, normalize heart rate and stress hormone levels.

To do a hand massage. To overcome stress, do not have to enroll in a massage of the whole body. To relax and reduce anxiety helps hands massage, which you can do yourself on the job.

To perform the stretching. Most of us for the whole day are forced to sit in an office chair and concentrate on the important tasks. To avoid stress, take short breaks to stretch.

Participants in the study conducted by researchers from the University of Kentucky, said that after a few stretching exercises to feel happier and less stressful.

To take deep breaths. Deep breaths slow down the heart rate, lower blood pressure and normalize stress hormone levels. Providing the body with oxygen, deep breathing improves health.

Take a walk with a pet. Most pet owners will agree, spending time with a pet is perfectly relieves stress. Dogs, cats and other Pets lift the mood and help release tension. The aquarium in the house also relieves stress.

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