Andriy Yarmolenko: “In Russia I do not go”

– How did you react to the words Rebrov that Yarmolenko is time to change the championship?

– Sergey Stanislavovich knows my position, he knows that I want to go to another championship. Knows this and the club President. But I repeat: never went and didn’t cry that I can’t go, not going to do that. There were, of course, all sorts of situations, but so be it. I used to just work, to give everything to his team. And as there is already work – we’ll see.

– What is the probability that Yarmolenko will leave Dinamo this winter?

– Don’t want to speak on this topic. I do not want to discuss anything, do not want to comment on the rumors. I have a contract with Dynamo. But if someone wants to purchase the player Yarmolenko, he talks with the President of our club.

– What do you think about the increased interest of Turkish clubs to the Ukrainian football, which emerged during this transfer window?

– Yes, it was hard not to notice so much interest… Very happy for karavayeva, who moved to Fenerbahce. We were written off, and I congratulated him with such a career change. I think that his is a huge step forward.

But for Yarmolenko championship of Turkey is probably not an option…

Is not an option. At the moment, exactly.

– Your agent Vadim Shabliy said that you told him: “In Russia, I will not go.” This position is associated with the political situation or with the level of the championship of Russia?

– First and foremost, with the political situation. The championship of Russia, of course, the higher the level of Ukrainian League, but because of what is happening, I’m definitely not going.