Poland — the closest ally of trump in the EU?

Gazeta Polska: it Appears that after Breccia Polish conservative government could become a major ally of Donald trump in the European Union. Is there, in your opinion, the prospects to use this fact to strengthen the military and political Alliance between Washington and Warsaw?


Randy Mott (Randy Mott): Yeah, Poland may become the closest ally of the United States in the EU. I think relations between our countries will become stronger as the purpose of their leadership match the realities in which we live, and not based on the naive image of the world, which believed the previous American administration. The most important thing now is our common desire, related to increasing the combat readiness of the NATO and increase defence spending to the required level. The Washington Democrats have become in recent years dramatically to speak about Russia, when this topic has become political in nature, but when in the past Vladimir Putin has made no hostile steps, they always looked away. Russia, I believe, are now convinced that President trump and his team is a serious opponent.


– Speaking at the Congress, trump assured that he will have the NATO resolute support. Can we consider these words a serious commitment?


— I think all of our friends at NATO who must feel that their security is not threatened, because the United States determined to protect their allies. It showed, in particular, the recent response to North Korea’s actions. Advisers the new President is the realists who have extensive experience and understand what problems exist in relations with Russia. We all hope that relations with the Russian leadership can improve, however, this issue should be handled with caution and skepticism.

– Hence, the poles can not be afraid that the US decides to withdraw from Poland its troops?


— Perhaps the contrary… I, of course, there is no direct access to this information, but I feel that there is a high probability that in the future US military presence in Poland will increase. We can assume that if Putin does not change his policy and do not improve relations with the West, and Russia will continue to pose a danger to our allies on the Eastern flank, the United States will begin more actively to respond to her steps. In response to Russian provocations Washington could place additional military equipment, especially widely purpose.


– Donald trump is focused on border security and combating illegal migration. Maybe came the moment to talk about the abolition of visas for poles? You see the prospect that Poland will soon be able to achieve something in this matter?


— I hope so. I think this will be possible during the current presidential term. Although the European Parliament had the idea that while Washington will not abolish visas for poles and citizens of other four countries of the EU, Europe should be introduced for American tourists visa. It may associate Poland with the countries in this plan are not included in the list of American priorities. The problem has always concerned the poles who remained in the US illegally longer than he is allowed a visa. But I think now there is enough good will to propel the business forward. I hope in the coming months, when the courts make decisions on immigration issues, they will return to Congress, this plan something starts to happen.

Donald trump has accused Barack Obama that the presidential campaign was conducted wiretapping “trump tower”. However, the head of the intelligence Committee said it was done legally, according to the decision of the American court, in addition, people trump was not the aim of the operation — their conversations overheard…

There is reason to believe that it’s much more serious than it seemed at first. Instead of lawful surveillance of a few foreigners, who accidentally touched American citizens working for trump, we see something that resembles a conspiracy of Democrats. They used the national security apparatus to help in the presidential elections their candidate. Obama added to the list of employees who have access to this information, people who were not related to the government and was engaged in the campaign of Hillary Clinton. The arrogance with which it conducted the wiretap, was, apparently, due to the fact that the Democrats did not take into account the possibility of failure in the elections.


– In Congress, also asked questions about the investigation of the facts of Russian intervention in the American presidential election. Do you think the FBI will be able to find some evidence of illegal human cooperation of the President and Russian officials?


— These contacts are watched for a long time, how else to explain the existence of records of conversations of General Flynn with the Russian Ambassador? Former Director of National intelligence James clapper (James Clapper) some time after leaving his post clearly stated that no evidence incriminating the administration of the tramp, no. The fact that the hacking attacks were the servers of the National Committee of the Republican party and the servers of the National Committee of the Democratic party, says that there is no secret cooperation between the team of trump and Moscow was not. All these accusations seem to me absurd. In the past we have witnessed how the American electoral process illegally interfering China. It was even under bill Clinton, it was due to the huge illegal cash flow. Appeared sales contracts the Chinese American technology, which export was prohibited. However, it seems that the scandal leaves critics of the new President completely indifferent, apparently, they consider such practices acceptable. This is a typical political game.


– We know that General Flynn was the target of wiretapping. His conversation with the Russian Ambassador recorded because the Americans followed the Russians. This is a completely normal action, so that conversation was recorded by accident…

© RIA Novosti, Stanislav Savelyev | go to photosangelina soldiers at the demonstration of military equipment and weapons of NATO in Latvia

— All the people who are associated with the conduct of such surveillance, talking about routine surveillance of a representative of a foreign state, during which accidentally recorded General Flynn. But when the congressmen have familiarized with the collected in the course of the investigation documents, the approach began to change, as it became clear that the truth goes far beyond the official version of events. It seems that the intelligence agents regularly used in order to obtain any information that can cast a shadow on Donald trump and his campaign. If these suspicions are confirmed, the whole story will appear in a new light. It will not be just illegal to publicize the names of American citizens, but a serious and deliberate abuse of power.


– Some opponents of the President say that he could fabricate an entire scandal with wiretaps to conceal the Russian theme.


— But the President is not “fabricated” recording of a conversation between General Flynn and the Russian Ambassador. It had no effect on anonymous government informants under the previous administration, the efforts of which appeared information about the fact that the investigation tried to study the so-called ties with Russia. Trump also was made Director of the FBI to testify that his office had analyzed the information gathered as a result of the wiretaps that were addressed by the previous administration. The theory of cooperation trump with the Russians proved to be completely unfounded: the former Director of National intelligence stated that evidence of illegal activities with the help of surveillance could not be obtained.


If the Americans found some information that could harm the Trump, they would have published it even before the election, because they still had leaks at every opportunity. Now even the people who are connected with the Democratic party, trying to calm all the hype they created around Russian themes. As we recently have seen, trump will use military force when necessary, without regard to the position of the Russians. The theory, which assumed that he elected against Moscow some “soft” strategy, today, is an absolute fiction. I personally hope that Washington will sign with Russia a contract to reduce the risk of war. It is clear, however, that the United States will negotiate from a position of strength, not weakness.