What vegetables prevent to lose weight: scientific answer

Vegetables are among the most healthy of foods, but is also important for a balanced diet. But not all of them have beneficial properties for the body.

Figured it out by scientists from Harvard, reports “New time”.

It turned out that some of the vegetables, despite its useful for the organism properties that can lead to weight gain.

In the study, every four years, researchers at Harvard analyzed the diet diaries of more than 13 thousand people. In particular, the experts over 20 years studying nutrition and the variation in weight of each of the respondents, analyzing the data on the relationship between daily diet and weight, as well as the precise foods that can prevent weight loss.

The results showed that if the diet of the Respondent was dominated by starchy vegetables, it is most often gained weight and harder for others dumped it.

In addition, the results showed that among the vegetables that make it difficult to lose weight, the leader is corn, then followed by potatoes and peas. However, despite the new data, experts note that it is not necessary to completely eliminate from your diet these foods, because they contain many beneficial properties for the body. Just need to limit their consumption, the researchers summarize.