Run or die: the social network is walking a dangerous flash mob for Teens

Police urge parents, teachers and psychologists to pay attention to the entertainment of children and teenagers.

Dangerous street game of “Run or die” is gaining popularity in some countries of the near abroad. This was reported by Irina karuk, head of the Department of juvenile prevention Main Department of police of Poltava region.

Its essence is to cross the road as close as possible to the vehicle, which is moving down the street. Filming all this on video and post it on the Internet.

“It is clear that a child who can not cope with the task, could seriously hurt or even die. Therefore, our common task (parents, teachers and the police) to carry out explanatory work with children – to warn them of the danger and high likelihood of tragic consequences,” – said the head of the Department of juvenile prevention.

Law enforcement officers advise drivers to be careful at the appearance of children on the side of the road, and parents and teachers to communicate more, to ask about their contacts (especially new acquaintances), to explore interests and to check out the profiles of social networks.

Earlier, law enforcers announced another scheme of car thieves, with which criminals divert the attention of the owner of the vehicle and take the documents, money and other valuable things.