Protesters at Middlebury College demonstrate cultural appropriation of fascism

From time to time I send emails Stanger Allison (Allison Stanger). She always answers me, but says that she is not well enough to talk.

March 2 Stinger accompanied sociologist Charles Murray (Charles Murray), whose speech at Middlebury College, where she teaches, sparked protests from the students. A crowd surrounded their car. “Someone pulled my hair, she recalled, the other was pushing me. I was scared for my life.” The students rocked their car. Stanger still being treated after a concussion.

Last week the leadership of Middlebury College made a decision on the penalties against 67 students involved in what happened on March 2. Some got probation, others were subjected to disciplinary action which will be reflected in their personal file, however, all these measures appear to be too soft a punishment for students who deserve much harsher treatment. Their crimes were not as insignificant or accidental. They have shown disrespect for freedom of speech, academic freedom, and they encroached on the health of the Professor who was just trying to contribute to the realization of these rights and freedoms. The activities of Charles Murray raises many disputes. But he is not a carrier of the Ebola virus.

A shameful episode in Middlebury was just one of several incident this year of incidents in which controversial or deliberately obnoxious speakers or exhibited outside of University campuses, either by threats were forced to abandon the speech. Such speakers include Ann Coulter (Ann Coulter) and the Milo Giannopoulos (Milo Yiannopoulos), as well as Cunning MacDonald (Heather Mac Donald) and Murray — conservative scientists, who can tell many interesting, but highly provocative. MacDonald is the author of “War on cops” (War on Cops) — is a critic of the movement Black Lives Matter.

The most famous book of Murray was the book called “Bell curve” (The Bell Curve), coauthored with psychologist Richard Herrnstein. Suffice it to say that it deals with the formation of the human intellect, which, in his opinion, greatly influenced by race. After the release of this book in 1994, the editors of the New Republic devoted a large part of the next issue of this magazine criticism of the book itself and its authors. However, Murray continued to write. Although he considers himself a conservative, he became one of the strongest critics of trump. Maybe someday he’ll write a book about the link between real estate construction and IQ.

Meanwhile, the audience reaction to the performances of these speakers carries far more dangers than what they can say. The protesters — some of them are not even students take part in the so-called cultural appropriation. In this case we are talking about the culture of fascism. The advent of Benito Mussolini to power in Italy promoted the use of aggressive demonstrators to disperse demonstrations and intimidation of opponents. This tactic proved successful, and in 1922 Mussolini became dictator of Italy. And on the other side of the Alps, Hitler carefully summarized all his techniques.

I’m not going to flatter students who participated in the protests, claiming that they were aware of their ideological predecessors. But I will say that those who refused to listen to MacDonald and Murray have lost much. MacDonald, whose articles are frequently published in the Wall Street Journal, knows what she’s talking about. It is possible to disagree, but she’s intelligent and educated man. As for Murray, attempts to depict him as a white supremacist is a banal slander. I’m not ready to defend the theses of “the Bell curve” — I read this book many years ago — but it has nothing to do with it. They have to defend himself Murray. And I am sure that if the need arises, he will be able to do it.

According to some, the growth of intolerance among students is a response to President trump. His behavior, he may provoke just such a reaction. He wants to force the critical press is silenced. He openly calls his critics “losers.” It’s like he’s constantly looking for a fight, and a fair fight. However, such primitive aggressive behavior trump is not a reason for violence.

The Vietnam war also once provoked a similar reaction. In the name of a good cause — to end the war — protesters from time to time blew up the bomb. One of these bombs undoubtedly become an expression of protest against the cooperation of the University of Wisconsin with the Department of defense almost destroyed sterling Hall in Madison campus. The explosion killed a physicist, whose research was not connected with the activities of the Pentagon. Crazy, arrogant virtue, which inspired the creators of the bombs, is almost indistinguishable from the motives of the suicide bomber who killed the children at the concert Ariana Grande in Manchester.

I am familiar with Steger for several years. For me she is the epitome of a true scientist: she is fluent in Russian, fluent in Czech, she has a lively and critical mind. She has a clear political views and is a supporter of the Democratic party, however, she agreed to debate with Murray, because she believes in the necessity of the exchange of views. Now she has to suffer because some demonstrators decided that they have the right to gag Murray and attack Stinger. The students of Middlebury received a reprimand, Stenger a concussion and we got a warning.