The FBI used the data file in order to intensify investigation of relationships trump and Russia

Washington — last year, the FBI has used dossier, in which information was gathered about the alleged links of members of the election headquarters of Donald trump to get permission to establish a secret surveillance of one of the companions of the trump. This was reported by U.S. officials knowledgeable about the investigation to the FBI.

Over the past few weeks, FBI Director James Komi (James Comey) repeatedly mentioned this dossier in their reports to members of Congress, calling it one of the sources of information that his office was used to intensify the investigation.

In particular, the information from this dossier allowed us to obtain a secret court order that monitors implementation of the Law on foreign intelligence surveillance, the supervision over Carter page (Carter Page). Last year the campaign group trump Paige ranked adviser on national security issues.

According to officials with information about the process, even if the petition for the establishment of a monitoring page and was given information from his file that the FBI was necessarily preliminary to test it, conducting its own investigation. Officials have not said what could be confirmed.

For the first time this dossier became known after CNN reported that the American intelligence agencies referred it to President Obama and President-elect Trump.

The reports of the Komi Republic to members of Congress in contrast with the attempts of the Bureau and American intelligence agencies to distance themselves from this dossier that they have been carrying for several months.

According to officials of the U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies, the FBI conducted its own investigation, not associated with the dossier to confirm the assumption that Russia tried to interfere in the presidential elections in 2016 and help the Trump.

The dossier says that Paige met with high-ranking Russian officials as the representative of the electoral headquarters of the trump and discussed with them the possibility to conclude a mutually beneficial agreement on the issue of sanctions, business opportunities and Russia’s interference in elections. Paige denies that he met with the officials, whose names are given in the dossier, and insists that he never entered into political agreement with the Kremlin.

During the election campaign in July last year he traveled to Russia, where he delivered a lecture in which he criticized the US policy against Russia. The trip attracted the attention of the FBI and raised suspicions regarding the contact page with alleged Russian agents. Paige said that trip had nothing to do with the election campaign of trump, and in his lecture he presented only his own views and opinions.

Paige denies allegations that he did something illegal, and claims that his contacts with Russian officials was completely legal. About accuses former officials of the Obama administration that they so aggressively promote the theme of relations with Russia.

“I plan to file a lawsuit in accordance with the Law on privacy 1974 in response to violations of civil rights committed by appointees of the Obama administration last year, said Paige in an interview with CNN. — The process of disclosure of evidence will be of great value to US, because our country will hear their testimony, given under oath, and we will show the documents, which will become clear what has been done in 2016”.

Dossier referred to, is a series of memoranda former agent of British intelligence who worked on political opponents trump. These documents supposedly describes attempts by Russian intelligence to collect compromising information on trump. Earlier this year, CNN reported that President Obama and the elected President, trump informed about the existence of this dossier, partly to trump understand what information is in the hands of the American intelligence community, who are investigating his alleged ties with Russia, and to focus on the fact that Russia has been gathering information on how Democrats and Republicans. According to investigators, they were able to confirm some of the information from the dossier, in particular the facts of conversations between foreign nationals that were described in the reports.

Komi mentioned that the dossier is not in all his reports to Congress, as reported by sources. In conversations with some of them he emphasized that the FBI was gathering evidence in the framework of its own investigations needed to obtain a court order and to continue the investigation, which began in July last year.

The first Court order in cases of supervision of foreign intelligence told the publication Washington Post.

To get a court order to listen to Paige, FBI and Department of justice had to present credible evidence that he can be an agent of a foreign state, including to collect secret information to pass to a foreign government. Komi Republic and other senior officials of the Ministry of justice had to put his signature to the petition, which, according to a government official, they first had to check everything carefully.

Last year in one of his interviews the candidate trump called Paige as one of his advisors on national security issues. He was officially a member of the foreign team of the candidate of trump from March to September 2016. Himself Paige calls himself a “Junior team member” and administration officials trump emphasize that he did not play any significant role in the campaign headquarters.

According to officials, the FBI became interested in the page partly because of his Association with alleged Russian intelligence agents last year. The justice Department and the FBI have not yet filed any charges page, and it is unclear whether they can charge him in the investigation.

The FBI is already watching the page in the case of 2013, where it was about a Russian agent, working under cover, and in which page was held as a witness. The prosecution assumed that the spy was trying to make a page as its source. Paige stated that he did not know that the person with whom he communicated, was a Russian spy.

Paige was also one of those who met with Russian Ambassador Sergey Kislyak at the Republican national Convention in 2016.