Ex-FSB officer said, whether Ukraine will be able to overthrow the Putin regime

Ukrainian secret services will not be able to topple Putin’s regime in Russia, however, can influence the mood of the Ukrainians in the Donbas. This opinion was expressed in interview to “Observer” the ex-FSB officer Ilya Bogdanov.

According to him, the security services must work in this direction.

“All intelligence agencies around the world should work to influence the mood in the neighboring States, but I strongly doubt that Ukraine could affect the mood in Russia,” – said Bogdanov.

He added that Ukraine, first need to focus on the domestic Affairs in the country, to “stir up right mood in the Donbas,” since Russia does not have enough resources.

Previously Ilya Bogdanov said that Kiev should not hurry with the return of the Donbass, in order not to harm yourself while doing it gradually, changing the attitudes of local residents in favor of Ukraine.