Unpleasant “gifts” of spring: how to avoid the aggravation of diseases of the genitourinary system

We have all really missed the warm weather, and she us with his appearance indulged. Ah, you do not want to part with it! But in the next three weeks, weather forecasters, alas, predict the cold snap to 7 and even up to 4 degrees in the afternoon heat, and temperature swings on some days to 5-7 degrees in both directions. Conditions for such “swing” easily be supercooled and not calculating with clothes. Therefore it is better to live out the rest of the month on the principle of “vapor bones ache”.

Because hypothermia is fraught with the activation of pathogenic organisms living in each of us and suppressed immunity. Along with beriberi, which reached to the middle of spring its climax and the worst impact on the body’s defenses, there is a risk to get diseases of the genitourinary system. It increase our daily, at times harmless habit.

How to prevent the aggravation of the spring health problems and what mistakes are made during their treatment, we discussed with the experts: Nikolay Kwacha, urologist-andrologist, member of the European Association of urology and Lina Garagozov, gynecologist, physician, center of Oncology and radiosurgery.


HOW TO PREVENT THE DISEASE. When the urge to go to the toilet do not sit until the last: “now finish it, and go on.” Usually “now” is delayed for a long time. If it is your constant habit, chronic stagnation of urine reduces local immunity, which opens the door for infection and activation of conditionally pathogenic microflora.

ERRORS IN THE TREATMENT. It is necessary antibiotics are not broad spectrum, and combined. It is often a disease occurs not only due to bacteria, and for fungi. Also effective the treatment will not without prescription nonsteroidal preparations: besides destroying germs, it is necessary to decrease inflammation in the tissues.


HOW TO PREVENT THE DISEASE. The right time and make a hygienic toilet to avoid the ingress of pathogenic microorganisms into the urethra from the intestine (to wash down). This is especially true of women: they have a short urethra and wide, which makes it easier for germs “road”, and because the disease is found in women 9 times more often than men.

ERRORS IN THE TREATMENT. Therapy should be directed also to the treatment of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract (in particular, dysbiosis, chronic constipation, hemorrhoids). Because they lead to a dysbiosis in the gut, and then get rid of inflammations in the urogenital system will forever be impossible — from getting into the urethra unhealthy flora of the intestine, or urethritis can develop into a chronic form.


HOW TO PREVENT THE DISEASE. One of the most common causes of inflammatory diseases of the kidneys — pyelonephritis (excluding infectious agents) is a kidney stones: they interfere with normal blood flow to the kidneys, which over time causes inflammation in them. And recent research has proven that the stones are inside the pores, which can accumulate bacteria. The formation of “stones” often contribute, among other things, irregularities in the thyroid and parathyroid glands. Therefore, if you suffer from endocrine diseases (e.g. hyperthyroidism, diabetes, fibroids, ovarian dysfunction), timely, and in chronic course of the disease and permanent treatment. And to prevent these diseases it is necessary at least once a year to come on a routine inspection of the therapist, the endocrinologist, the urologist and/or gynecologist.

ERRORS IN THE TREATMENT. Fees and drop “for the kidneys” without diagnosing the state of the liver and gall bladder are fraught. But they are also a choleretic. And “stones” in the gallbladder (diagnosed or those about which people don’t realize) can cause obstructive jaundice: stones stuck in bile duct, and have remove the gallbladder.

Oxalate, phosphate, urate in the urine is not a reason to prescribe diuretics (including herbs) without ultrasound, urine tests and blood salt metabolism: their detection in the urine only indicates that the kidneys are doing their job and derive a different kind of salt from the body. If undiagnosed kidney stones, diuretic drugs can cause uncontrolled release of the “pebbles”. And treatment of the disease, which is actually not that will harmful. After all every drug has side effects and they have a sense to accept only in the presence of the disease.


HOW TO PREVENT THE DISEASE. Often a visit to the doctor men pulling to the last, yet certainly not pripechet. Of course, this also applies to some women. But men do it more often: because of false shame and the fear of pain. The latter takes them away, particularly from dentists. But the development of the prostate and chronic then this disease possibly because pathogens are not living in the genital tract, and the nasopharynx. The fact that the blood is pumped to all organs of the human body in a closed circulatory system. Thus, pathogenic organisms that live in the nose and mouth are carried by blood to other organs, particularly in urogenital system. That is, there is an internal infection of the prostate. Because there is at least two times a year to visit not only the urologist or andrologist, but the dentist and Laura, and not to self-medicate with the development of complications in the throat and nose against SARS as it may not be effective.

ERRORS IN THE TREATMENT. The use of products based on saw Palmetto. They can accomplish their task — to improve blood flow. But this is not enough to cure the infection and inflammation. And to improve production of testosterone (namely it is responsible for men’s health) they are not. These drugs are suitable only as a support to antibiotic therapy.


HOW TO PREVENT THE DISEASE. The perfect environment for bacteria alkaline. And its formation leads to (and including) the abuse of sweet and starchy food.

ERRORS IN THE TREATMENT. Confidence that the newer the drug the more effective it is. Especially if the treatment is to appoint the most. And it is called: cut a fashionable cure — and forgot about the problem. But often, say the doctors, patients had immunity to the new active substances for the treatment of candidiasis. Because without the antibiogram — determination of the susceptibility of the specific patient to a specific antibiotic therapy thrush will be ineffective and will drive the disease into a chronic form. Because pathogens also want to live, and if they “slack off” a little and inappropriate medications, adapted to the “poison” and become more tenacious.