What is detox and what are its benefits

To maintain health and beauty for many years, it turns out, not so difficult. The main thing – time to get rid of toxins. But the secret is that you have to completely change your diet, and sometimes lifestyle, writes likar.info.

Detox is a way of cleansing the body of toxins, which is a radical change in diet. The most popular and effective today detox program with fresh juices and smoothies. The basic principle is consumption of vegetables and fruit in liquid form: juices and smoothies.

This method allows not to overload the digestive tract by mechanical processing of plant foods, and not chewing movements stimulate the production of digestive juices. All this creates a gentle environment for the digestive system, and does not cause excessive appetite, as happens when eating salads and greens during a plant-based diet. In this case, the body receives high amounts of fiber, pectin, fructose, vitamins and minerals. Thus, in just one or two weeks you can rejuvenate, strengthen immunity, rejuvenate the skin and hair.

In parallel with the juices of vegetables and fruits should be consumed a large amount of slightly alkaline water and herbal teas.

The benefits of detox programs in the fact that after such treatment the craving for bad food are greatly reduced, if not lost. The taste buds become more sensitive to the subtleties of taste, and to enjoy simple and healthy meals becomes easy.

Who needs detox

After the detox once in six months can significantly improve the health, appearance and even lose a few pounds. Today, detox programs are popular among stars of show business and cinema, and people who want to lead a healthy lifestyle.

People who have not sedentary life, poor eating habits, often eating junk food and fast food, Smoking, drinking a lot of coffee, detox is absolutely necessary.

Women and men who want to lose weight, you can go through a short detox program to improve digestion and to adapt to changes in diet. In a period of intense physical exertion, practice in the hall detox can be harmful.

Detox is contraindicated for children, pregnant women, people with chronic diseases of the stomach and intestines, diabetics, people after 65 years.

Before you decide to undergo a detox program, be sure to consult with your doctor.

Preparation and process

Before starting the detox course of should be within weeks, gradually removed from the menu of meat, fatty food, coffee, and chocolate, carbonated drinks, fried or spicy spices. So you can more easily log in to detox without suffering from lack of food sensations.

Cleansing program of fruit and vegetable juices must be strictly observed. You should not eat anything except for juices and smoothies out of those fruits and vegetables that you choose for yourself, or that you were recommended by the expert. Usually it is recommended to have 8 doses per day, or every 1.5-2 hours. No strict limits, and the main thing is to eliminate the discomfort and hunger. So after each serving smoothies should have a comfortable amount of water or herbal tea. So you will increase the time between meals juices/smoothies.

Fruits and vegetables for detox should not contain starch and has a lot of fructose. The more varied will be set for your daily menu, the more effective the detox. It is better that the menu was dominated by green vegetables and herbs.

An important aspect of preparing juice for detox is the maximum preservation of their useful properties. So it’s best to cook the juice just before taking and enjoy this modern juice extractor in which the product will not overheat and will not oxidize. Some vegetables and fruits can be turned into a smoothie using a mechanical juicer.

If you have no time to prepare the detox program alone, you can order everything you need at home. You bring not only juice and smoothies, prepared and Packed in jars, but also provide a scheme by which it all should drink.

To get out of detox you should also gradually. The longer you were in the process of purification, the longer the output. To start go to regular food should be fruit and vegetables, gradually adding the cereal. The last step is to add dairy products and finally meat. The output of the detox should last as much as the program itself is detox.