“Only Le Pen makes France strong”

PARIS — the Leader of “National front” marine Le Pen is making a big bet on the suburbs of large French cities. Its most important weapon — a former socialist with African roots.

“I don’t yet have the right to vote, but I support you,” says Assad from Algeria and takes guy Debala (Guy Deballe) leaflet. A former socialist smiles. In 2015, he said goodbye with a long career as a member of the socialist party, where he even was elected.

— Why did You change the party?

— I believe that France should be an independent state. The only form of sovereignty that is discussed in the Socialist party, was the one that takes place in the framework of the EU. Everything was forbidden, he explains.

On Monday the election campaign in France was officially launched. Allowed to hang election posters. April 23 will be held the first round of elections. A false start was from all parties.

The most populous urban area in Europe

In the 11th arrondisment of Paris that was once the former center of the French revolution, socialists strong. And Debal decided that this must have something to do. He is a candidate to the national Assembly. It is in this area of the city, the terrorists struck in November 2015. A more densely populated area of the city is not in any European metropolis.

Debal, born in France, but his family hails from the Central African Republic, a former French colony until 1960. He is a strategic Advisor in the Telecom giant SFR.

When Debal left the Socialist party and went to marine Le Pen, to make it quiet failed. She welcomed him with open arms and determined to participate in the radio debates with former colleagues in the party.

In the foreground — the front national on the outskirts

And he heads the Collectif Banlieues Patriotes (“United patriots of the suburbs”). This is an offshoot of the National front, which has to attract the voters of troubled urban areas. Marine Le Pen made a bet on a colorful community of young and of color to strengthen the position of the party in the suburbs. And as the one who will lead this work, she chose a black man living in the area of Paris that is very similar to the Grünerløkka (Grünerløkka — Oslo, approx. ed.).


So France is called near the large French cities suburb. They are divided into various municipalities and part of the city are not.

Approximately 80% of the population of Paris live outside the city centre. The suburbs are often associated with unrest, social problems and poverty. But the suburbs are rich and poor, exactly the same as in the cities there are rich and poor Central regions. Since the 1970s, the suburbs have become increasingly populated by immigrants, whose number in the country is growing steadily.

The lack of integration and the increasing degree of ghettofication has led to the emergence of large social problems.

Everywhere the same problem


“I am the head of “Patriots of the suburbs” because I care about the issue of urban development. Problems around Paris, there are in many other cities of France. The blocks, to move which is unsafe. A social system which is not working. Few opportunities to get an education. Immigration and alienation, all problems that are not only in the suburbs, he says, and adds, — For “National front” it is important to establish contact with people who can offer solutions, but it is important that what we want to say was heard. Traditional media put us in a caricatured light.”

Debal, makes no secret that the “National front” it is important to focus on suburbs and work to resolve these urban problems. Thus expanding the party base.

Most important is the safety

A former socialist believes that most most people are concerned about security in the broadest sense. Safe urban environment, the confidence that you have a job and to be able to feel again the French.

— We see the mark on many urban areas have imposed Islam, people do not feel at home, ‘ he says, slipping the entrance from where someone just comes out. Along with his little group he lays out leaflets in the mailboxes. They go to a group, so most safely.

— Have you encountered racism?

— You mean, in the “National front”?

For example.

Never. In other parties of racism more. Everyone there is concerned with the question that was presented to different groups, and “National front” you have a position on the basis of who you are. But of course, some racism is everywhere. The “left” turned racism into a question of policy. And it has nothing to do with politics, it is a social issue, — he said energetically.

What was forgotten

“National front” and he did not hide the fact that he made a big bet on the suburbs. But you cannot say that it is like all the inhabitants of the suburbs. The week before Easter BFMTV showed reports about what the problems of the suburbs in this election campaign have been forgotten.

In 2007, the suburbs featured prominently in the election campaign. In connection with the riots in 2005, the then interior Minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, made them the main topic when he won the presidential election.

This year for the election campaign characterized the scandals of the personalities of the candidates. And the problems of the suburbs faded into the background. The main sensation of the campaign was a scandal involving the misuse of public funds by the former Prime Minister Francois Fillon. It is suspected that he secured his wife and two of their children bogus posts of political assistants.

We are not interested in

On Friday a huge fair in Saint-Denis on politics likes to talk a lot, but most don’t want their photos taken, and to call them names.

At the fair lively. Here you can buy everything from candy (pounds) to clothes and vegetables. Spring is in the air.

Almost two years ago, the blocks around was cordoned off and streets are so busy now, was surrounded by heavily armed police. It is here that hid some of the terrorists who carried out the terrorist attacks in Paris in November 2015. The terrorists and their accomplices were killed in a shootout with police.

To vote she doesn’t want

— I will never vote for those who now put forward their candidacy, says Laurence Demay (Laurence Demay) and lights a cigarette. We caught her during a short break, now buyers who want to try on clothes, does her daughter. She inherited the store after his mother, is 10 years.

In 2012, she voted for Sarkozy, the candidate of the conservatives. But this year she will stay home for the visit is not going to vote.

“I’ll never, never get to vote,” she says between puffs, and exhaled the cloud of smoke he adds that the current politicians are not interested in what is happening in the suburbs.

“Well, maybe during the election campaign politicians here and look, but generally we can’t see them,” says Omar Idris (Omar Idrias) Along with brother-in-law Muhammad Saeed (Muhammed Said) he sells the curtains on the Friday of the fair at Saint-Denis. They’ve been doing this for 18 years.

Actually, they’re from Algeria. He does not know for whom to vote, but says that the election is likely to go.

Work for youth

— I have always voted for the bourgeois parties, but now I do not know. It’s possible that will be determined only at the polling station, he explains.

— What’s most important for you?

— To provide young people with work that they could acquire their own housing, says the father of two children.

When President françois Hollande, France’s unemployment rate has increased, especially for the vulnerable group — the youth.

Two brothers, Bazil (Basile)(25 years) and Blanc Cesaire (Cesaire Blain) (22) the presidential election will vote for the first time. They from the University in Saint-Denis branch of the Sorbonne.

— Ecology, they reply almost in unison to the question about what they care about most, but they are not quite sure who to vote for. The eldest of the brothers is going to become a theater Director, and the youngest is studying the issues of administration in the sphere of culture.

They fluctuate between the socialist candidate, Benoit Hamon and the candidate of the left socialist Jean-Luc Mélenchon. In the case of the second round of the election can vote for the candidate of centrist Emmanuel Macron.

— And if in the second round will have to choose between marine Le Pen and françois Fillon, then what?

— Shit, well, then almost complete hopelessness will be. But I’m still going to vote against marine Le Pen — thinking, responsible 22-year-old brother.

— I don’t know what to do. Maybe will stay home, maybe the elections will go — if the weather is good, smirks Basil.