What is most important in the Holy Week?

“Easter week and the show off” has become one of the most popular video in Spain, with 400 thousand views. Leading, Inaki, Gabilondo “Street drunk” specifies the participants of Easter week in Seville provocative questions about the meaning of these days and about Christianity. The results are very interesting.

— What text passage most helped you in the spiritual life?

I don’t know…
To be honest, we…
We don’t really read… We believe, because it sucked with mother’s milk, but we…
We have not explained how all this… specifically…

We again raise the topic of show off during Easter week, this time in Seville.

— How is Easter week in Seville?

Quite… impressive.
Very rapidly.
Every day.
This week really looking forward to all the locals.
From 1 January until 1 January of the following year.
Actually very interesting, especially for me.
Hotter than first communion Charmander.
I, also, participate in the processions…
A lot of marching and a lot of alcohol, to be honest…
Very nice!
A lot of work and very special feeling….

Do during Easter week in Seville?

To be well dressed.
I wear everything new is tradition.
Tie, shirt…
Very well look elegant. For girls.
That it would not rain.
Very elegant look.
The girls like.
The suit, money and drink beer.
A lot of money in the wallet.
And net shoes.

— You are a practicing Catholic?

I Yes.
I Yes.
Yes. Yes. Yes.
Well I practice during Easter week.

— Why are you Catholic and do not belong to any other Christian Church?

Why Catholic?…
That’s what we were taught since childhood.
We imbibed with mother’s milk.
We live a lifetime.
You as a child is baptized and forward…
Because the burqa and all that I don’t really…
From childhood…
Because this religion I like the most.

— What text passage most helped you in the spiritual life?

A passage from the Bible…
Which helped me…
I the Bible doesn’t really…
If you don’t want to leave some place, shake off the feet and go to your place.
What does the communion, you asked about the Bible.
The Book Of Genesis…
The book of Genesis, for example.
It’s the truth.
The beginning of the Bible is like the beginning….
Not to lie ever.
New life. Every day.

— What is the Pentateuch?

It’s a book.
The Pentateuch, how do I know…
It’s… Well…
It is carried in processions, for sure!
Something from the Bible…
Something about five parties or what…
Something about five, that’s for sure…
Some part of the procession.
I took first communion, because the gifts were given.
Me too.

— What is a sacrament?

Well, I know what it is, but…
The mystery…
It’s something in the Bible.
What you should do.

— What is the gospel?

What is the gospel? Don’t know in the Church…
Where everything is recorded.
Where it is written about David and all that.
Old, Yes?
Well, it’s difficult to determine…
Where all the books, no?
Matthew, Louis…
Four of them in the Bible.
And Moses.
You’re gonna laugh, I don’t know.
And Moses, and all that.
The gospel is just the record left by the Apostles.
The Word Of God.

— What commandment contains verse 13:34-35 in the gospel of John?

Oh, my blood sugar drops…
I have no idea.
John… what verse?
Thou shalt not kill, can it?
Thou shalt not kill.
Well, let the Bible or something…
No, well, these commandments, it is Moses, not John.
Honor your parents.
If this is John…
Is The New Testament.
Of Course, The New Testament.

— What is the only commandment that Jesus gives his Apostles?

Put God before yourself.
No Smoking.
So we all helped each other.
What not to swear.
It is impossible to pray to Mecca and all that.
Love your neighbor as yourself, for example. Yes?


Really? Well, you give!
I said baptism. It’s close.

Fortfast already published a similar video in previous years with similar results

Religion and show off

— Who is your favorite Apostle?

For me, they’re all the same.


— No, The Apostle.

The Apostle? What is that stuff?

The first procession of Holy week. The participants — Catholics? Or in front of us a giant show off?

— You are a practicing Catholic?

Me too.
I am.

— Why are you Catholic?

Because I took the sacrament.
Because I love it.
Because I like this theme.
This religion that I was taught in school.
We were taught that we have to follow and believe.
Because up there, there’s something…
I believe in God.
Something like the higher.
Because we inspired it.

— What do you think about the vision of Apostle Lawrence on the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem?

The normal vision.
It was epic.
What is the promise of salvation for all people.
I’m not understanding why she should be the first.


I don’t understand why this procession first passes.
Well, that’s great.
Well, he rode into Jerusalem on a donkey.

— Who is your favorite Apostle?

My — John.
St. Peter.


I do not know.
Because once I played in the theater.
Because we are about it did a production at school.
I don’t know, he was very good Apostle, a great man.
I know nothing about it.

— You know, what is the Decalogue?

Don’t know the directory or what?
I have no idea.
Something familiar, but can not remember now.
Part, which is divided into the New Testament, no?
Deka — ten, and logos… a Logo?
This kind of book of the Bible.
The commandments or something like that.

— Do you know what “dogma”?

I have no idea.
Me too.
I have no idea.
The dog is.
The truth is that you can’t doubt, because… it says so, and it is.
The dog???
Dogma is what inspired you, and it must be so, and though you burst.
Something of a philosophy…

— What do you think about Easter week?

It is very beautiful, but a lot of show off. We, here, for example.



— What do you think about refugees?

I understand that they are bad and all that. But we still live very well. Let the first engaged citizens in their country, but because really, if you need help, but of course need help. My mother five years without a job, for example. And she did not give any benefits, nor job, as these refugees.

We’ll ask a few questions to people on the street in the midst of Easter week in Seville. Let me read to you excerpts from the Quran to know your opinion on this matter.

“Every woman that prayeth with her head uncovered, dishonors her head.”
“Father can commit incest and to marry the daughter of the she reaches a certain age, whether a virgin or married.”
“If a person has a disobedient son, he should bring it to the street to the neighbors pelted him with stones.”
“If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both shall be put to death”.
“Shame to the father the birth of the son rude, ill-mannered daughter is born in humiliation”.

— What do you think about this?

Pretty tough guys…
Not very tolerant culture.
Terrible, it’s just awful, especially for women.
Well, I personally don’t think that’s correct, that’s unfair.
There is a philosophical theory, I don’t remember exactly what it’s called…
Don’t know, we here don’t do that, we’re watching the procession. We believe in God, In Jesus Christ, and did not throw stones.
But who says you have to respect the culture.
They let anything in here that we do not impose and leave it at home.
If men are free, then women should be too, and not wearing a scarf on his head.
In Spain, these radical ideas have never been successful.
I have nothing against them if they respect me, the culture of Seville, I mean, the whole of Spain.

— What do you think, is it possible to make people with such beliefs to Europeans?

Education can only be achieve.
But where there…
It is very difficult.
Because they are very different from us.
Christianity is more than a free religion. Don’t have so much to do, there are so many rules.
In Seville it is impossible. Here we are very emotional.
They have their own culture, it will be closed live.
I think it’s impossible, they live in a society that was in the middle Ages.

— What do you think about refugees?

I don’t think about them.
I think it’s good.
If they are to adapt to our traditions and customs and not try to impose their welcome.
We must accept them as they would have received if we went to their country.
I wouldn’t mind if they came to Spain and had equal rights with the rest, but…
During the Civil war, we asked for asylum in France, Germany, Italy.
Let them go too far with their rights and requirements.

— And now I will surprise you. What if I told you that these excerpts are not from the Quran but from the Bible?

I don’t believe.
Don’t believe it.
Nuuu… wow…
If it’s from the Bible, this greatly changes the Bible.
It’s in the Bible???
Well, I don’t remember that in the Bible.
How can it be from the Bible, dude?
Well I would have said the same thing.
Me before the first sacrament in the catechism is saying that you need to respect your father and mother that I should believe them, respect them, but…
We believe in what we are taught from childhood, and we’ve never been told.
This book was written years ago, so we have to interpret it correctly.
It’s not literal, it is necessary to interpret it.
And to align with contemporary culture.

But who are we to question the word of God to interpret it?

It is very cruel, but if you said so, you need to fulfill.
Don’t know, I didn’t say anything… It’s all the Muslim stuff.

— Here is another passage from the Bible: “do Not make for yourself an idol, nor any image of anything in heaven above or on the earth beneath or in the waters under the earth: you shall not bow down to them or serve them”. In this context, what do you think of the statues of the saints which are in the streets during Easter week?

What is it?
Well, it’s the same thing with my Dad…
It’s a bit contradictory, of course.
I often ask myself, what Dad?
Listen, this culture of Seville, here all life.
Easter week came to bring the gospel to the people.
I think that man is a contradictory creature. And here, too, a contradiction.
In the context of the Council of Trent most people could not read…
The Arabs, too, there are contradictions everywhere…
Well, we do not kill anyone for this, dude… Yeah, run through the streets with Christ and virgin, but no one is killed.